About Us

Ken & Nicole Williamson

King’s Lantern Ministries is a Christian ministry dedicated to equipping people to rise and shine in radiant and purposeful living. Trainings and resources focus on helping you grasp the power of your unique identity and God-given purpose for impacting the world around you with good. You are unique and created for a brilliant God-given purpose yet, as with most, you may need help to break through hindrances and unlock your potential. We minister and train using biblical truths and practical action steps with love-based solutions for empowering intimate connection with God and discovering who you are. We believe these are key components to a fulfilled life.

Through this committed focus, we offer personal ministry, personal ministry training, life empowerment coaching, and inspirational resources that aid in healing the heart, renewing the mind, and freeing the soul to run your course for the purposes of God in your generation.

Our Vision

To see people of all ages flourishing in divine purpose and personal success.

Our Mission

To provide biblical training, solutions and resources that promote emotional wholeness, freedom from spiritual bondage, and clear vision with action steps for your life and purpose. We exist to empower your connection with God and others with a biblical worldview of your unique significance in God’s plan for you as light and salt in this world.

“Those who look to Him are radiant!” (Ps. 34:5a)

About the Founder

J. Nicole Williamson is an apostolic teacher, author, Life & Purpose Coach and ordained minister. Nicole holds an M.A. in Christian Counseling, B.A. in Theology and trains on inner healing and spiritual freedom in Christ. Out of her own journey of a powerful personal transformation in Christ, Nicole works to help people discover their purpose, unlock their potential, and walk in their God-given authority. Nicole’s teachings and books inspire people to rise in freedom and wholeness and advance with a biblical worldview for cultural impact and healing nations. People call her teachings “captivating” and “life-transforming.”

Nicole has authored several books including, The Believer’s Identity Devotional HandbookThe Empowered Woman, Life with Abba FatherFreedom in the Light, Heaven’s Secret of Success, Breaking the Silence and co-author of The Esther Mandate. Nicole is also the Founder of People for a Safe America (pfasamerica.com).  She and her husband are commissioned as a Ministry of Zion with Glory of Zion International, and live in the Dallas, TX, area. They have two married children and three adorable granddaughters.

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