Women Rising to Destiny

God is calling His daughters to rise into the fullness of who He created them to be. It’s time for you as a woman to see yourself as He sees you, and to flourish in the fullness of who you are in Him. You were created and born to reign! (Click here to read more)

Discovering the Identity Factor

Do you know who you are? Everything we do in life flows from how we see ourselves. Too often we internalize wrong identities about who we are that hinder our success. Truth is key to a life engaged with authentic purpose and joy. (Click here to read more)

Succeeding by Design

God wants you to prosper in how He uniquely designed you. Understanding the critical elements to your own creative design is key to success in life and purpose. (Click here to read more)

Commissioned to Govern the Earth

God’s people have been looking to be raptured from a place where God put them to govern. It’s time to embrace our commission, know our authority, decree His decrees and release the Light for healing the nations. Earth is waiting! (Click here to read more)



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