Succeeding by Design


This article contains excerpts taken from Lessons 1 and 2 of a 4-part series on learning how to prosper for Kingdom advancement through your personal God-given design.

Lesson One – Discovering Your God-Given Design 

You are wonderfully made – Psalm 139:14-16

God wants you to succeed in how He uniquely created you! The purpose of this class is to help you prosper in your God-given design, as well as develop new ways in creative expression for ministry outreach or even for a small business income.

There is a Divine Seed Within You!

Gen. 1:26 – We are made in the image of the Creator. Though that full image was lost at the fall, we regain it through intimate relationship with Jesus, the second Person of the Godhead.  1 John 4:17 says, “As He is, so are we in this world.”

The seed of God within you is multi-faceted, like a diamond. God is Light and what He puts in you wants to shine! The Parable of the Seed that Jesus taught shows us we have the privilege to partner with God in developing what He gives us to full potential (Luke 8).


  • What has God given you (talents, gifts)?
  • What is the dream or idea that keeps coming to your mind over the years?
  • What has He spoken to you about specifically for you?

Understanding Your Creative Design  

God is creative and so are you – and that creativity is more than just music or painting. Creativity is the ability or power to create (fashion, form, craft, build, construct, invent, produce, design) what has not previously been seen. Creativity begins with the eye seeing something new. It begins with vision—envisioning, imagining, seeing (including hearing) and then crafting it, bringing it forth.

God’s creative works have many different faces in the creation story. His creativity was expressed through what He formed and fashioned. His creativity: established eco-systems, defined boundaries, established order, created family, kingdoms (including plant and animal) and governing bodies, brought forth exquisite beauty, what nurtures and delights, and entertains. Everything God created became a supply to nourish or help something else – you are a supply of good for someone else. God’s creativity came through speech, movement, order, dance (He flung the stars into place), shaping with His hands, breathing, etc.

God rested from His creative work. Now we are the ones who carry on our Father’s creative work. Jesus created – He fashioned things in business (Mark 6:3), He also created miracles –things that had not yet been seen.  Creative works can be expressed through writing, art, design, organization, administration, government, gardening, inventions, and financial strategies, etc. As children of God, the Holy Spirit brings a new dimension into what we do – a healing, prophetic, and miraculous dimension that touches our spirit, soul, and body. Creativity is not limited, but does seek a tangible expression!  And the ultimate goal of creativity (as at creation) is what nurtures and prospers people in relationship with God and His wonderful plans and purposes for good.

Question: What unseen thing does God want to bring forth through you?

We partner with God to bring forth things that have not yet been seen—things that make His presence known!

Divine Purpose has a Creative Expression

The Holy Spirit inspires creativity that advances the release of God’s presence to be known, felt, touched, and experienced.

God’s presence:

  • Promotes growth, encourages and strengthens, redeems, heals, uplifts, enlightens, restores healthy governing, delights the heart, awes with beauty, renews hope, fills with joy, and inspires faith – ministered to others through infinite creative works
  • Empowers you to prosper (personal fulfillment, kingdom advancement, create and innovate income streams, in service to others)
  • Brings cultural transformation – story of  Harriet Beecher Stowe

There is Uniqueness in Your Creative Design

Our creativity will look different for each one of us – each carrying a different expression that touches others in different ways.


  • Over the past years, think of something you were doing when you felt fully alive. What were you doing at the time?
  • What dream or A-Ha! moment have you had in the past?


Take inventory of your personal talents, interests, and abilities (include: arts, organizational skills, administrative abilities, music, landscape…anything!). Work together and write as many ways you can think of to use those talents and abilities to “create something new”.


Lesson Two – Discovering Your God-Given Potential

 Sown into your unique design are seeds of divine purpose. You are not a random creation. As a member of Christ’s body you have a specific design and function—a supply to others from God that no one else can give but you. The key is discovery and collaboration with God.


  • What is your unique “supply” to others for good?
  • What are you passion about regarding others?

Business and Ministry

In God’s view, we are all called to ministry – which is divine service wherever we are – home, work, and in the community. Abraham was a businessman and man of faith; the Proverbs 31 woman was a homemaker and businesswoman; Paul ministered and made tents (Acts 18); Tabitha was a disciple and made clothes (Acts 9); Lydia had a home ministry and was a businesswoman (Acts 16). God wants us to prosper in every way.

Bringing It All Together

When gifts, passions, and divine purpose all come together, your life takes on new momentum with clarity for personal direction and Kingdom advancement. Some call this place “convergence” where you have learned to:

  • Identify and develop the strengths God has given you
  • Free yourself from what doesn’t match you

Convergence incorporates the uniting of:

  • Spiritual Gifts
  • Natural Talents
  • Motivational Gifts – (personal preferences, priorities, internal processing and programming)
  • Temperament – Guardians/Idealists/Rationals/Artisans (Choleric/Sanguine/Melancholy/Phlegmatic)
  • Passion


When these come together they create clarity in vision and mission. God wants you fully alive and prospering in how He made you!

Clarity in these areas will launch forward with vision and the mission God has for you.

Vision is what you see; Mission is what you do with what you see.

  • What new territory are you meant to discover? What risks do you need to take?
  • Who are you meant to mentor, disciple, or walk alongside?
  • Who are you meant to encourage and uplift?
  • What revelation are you meant to know and what will you do with it?

The Church is to be the Display of Wisdom and Divine Creativity 

“His intent was that now, through the church, the manifold wisdom of God should be made

known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms,” Eph. 3:10

The Church is meant to be the display of God’s wisdom before principalities and powers. She carries a divine governmental authority to make a difference in culture and society. She is commissioned to bring healing to the nations through individuals who live fully and authentically in their God-given identity.

The Spirit of Wisdom is not just information, but the supernatural endowment of an ability to do something beyond one’s own ability. The Spirit of wisdom gives you the divine understanding to do what God has called you to do. It gives you the ability to put all the puzzle pieces together for what He purposes for your life and for the creative works of God through you. Prov. 29:18 says that people perish where there is no vision. Paul prayed for the eyes of our understanding to be opened so we would know what is the expectation of our calling (Eph. 1:18). Wisdom: broad and full intelligence, use of knowledge in diverse matters so that the shade of meaning (in each word) is discovered in context.

Q: What does the seed inside you cry out to do? What is the creative purpose (idea, function, intention) that is longing to manifest out of you?


  1. Draw, sketch or write ideas that come to mind. Dream with God!
  2. Write10 that motivate you. Now narrow your list to 3.
  • Write your vision: What do you see?
  • Write your mission: What are you going to do about what you see?

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