God, You, and America in 2016

J Nicole Williamson
J Nicole Williamson


Ask God 2016One of the things I love about God as a Father is how He wants us to participate with Him in what He does, including His plans for our nation. God designed heaven and earth to work together in beautiful unison.

It is why Jesus prayed, “…on earth as it is in heaven.”

It is why angels work with us for the purposes of God.

At the beginning of every year, my husband and I spend time praying and listening to God for His focus for our lives in that year. This year, His direction for me comes from Psalm 2:8 where He says, “Ask of Me, and I will give You the nations for Your inheritance.” My first thought when I read this was, why does God want me to ask Him for an inheritance? As a parent myself I am preparing everything so that when I am no longer here, everything I have will automatically go to my kids. They don’t have to ask me for it. It’s already theirs.

So I asked God, “Why do I need to ask You? ”

Questions often lead me to great though challenging answers. Here is what I found. To “ask” (Heb. “sha’al”) means: to inquire carefully, to seek counsel, to ask as matters of business. Business is about creating wealth. With God, wealth manifests in myriad ways…spiritual, emotional, understanding, as well as financial. Anyone who runs a business understands there are many dynamics involved for it to prosper; each area must be functioning optimally. God, too, wants us to prosper in every way. He wants America to prosper in every way as He designed for it in His goodness.

God is not a puppet-master who controls people to make things happen. We each have a unique part in working with Him for the full prospering of our lives, communities, and nation…a nation that will one day be Christ’s inheritance and ours as His body. I believe the “matters of business” not only involves prayer, but actual business too and if we seek His counsel, He will show us new ways to prosper in creativity and entrepreneurship.

In other words, we each have an important part to engage, with God, for America’s destiny. America is in a pivotal year and our engagement for her direction is critical.

What is your part?

Here are 6 Ways to Partner with God in 2016 for America:

  1. Pray and ask Him what He wants you specifically to do. Seek His counsel. If you ask, He will show you.
  2. Spend time in prayer with music that opens your heart to His presence. Pay attention to the thoughts and pictures you see in your spirit-man that are from God. Write them down or draw them. Maybe even paint them. Bring them from the invisible realm to the visible as an agreement with what you hear from God and form them into a prayer. That prayer may be for someone specific or a people group.
  3. Get involved with what God wants to do in your community in practical ways. God wants the best for our regions and nation.
  4. Watch for new business ideas or ways to prosper this year. Believe in the beautiful way God made you and move forward as He shows you how.
  5. Connect with others who are praying over the city, county, and state.
  6. Pray for God’s choice of leadership for America this year. And vote for who you hear God telling you to vote for. And vote! Yours might be the deciding voice.

This is what I’m doing in 2016 – asking how I can partner with Him for a nation.

What are you doing in 2016?

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