Freedom Ministry

The Freedom Place

Restoring the soul and renewing spiritual authority in Christ

Available by appointment only: Open Fridays and Saturdays

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What is the Freedom Place?

The Freedom Place is a biblically-based inner healing and freedom prayer ministry. Nicole Williamson, ordained minister and Christian Counselor, works to help individuals who are seeking freedom from chronic root issues and negative life patterns. Accompanied by a trained prayer partner, the ministry team works to help discover strongholds and break spiritual bondages while healing soul-wounds that hinder confidence, peace, and joy in life.

This ministry centers on experiencing the power of God’s love, truth and presence whose light heals the heart, frees the soul, and renews the mind. Rejection, fear, chronic disappointment, and self-doubt are just a few of the many difficulties people experience that can block the success in life that God intends for us. If this is you, it is time to get rid of the baggage that weighs you down. It is time to experience a fresh touch from God –  one that will move you forward on a purposeful and joyful journey. Appointments are blocked in 2 hour sessions.

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What can you expect?

The KLM Freedom and Healing Prayer Room is a safe place to come and receive from God in a welcoming and confidential environment. Trained teams provide prayer ministry for individuals in need, coming alongside them to access answers from the Lord.

We believe that healing, renewal, and freedom have been provided in Christ for all who come to Him. These are the blessings of His goodness and grace as written in His Word, made available to us through Jesus’ work on the cross, and delivered by the power of the Holy Spirit.

We are committed to the healing and transformational power of God’s presence for seeing people restored in spirit, soul, and body. We pray in and faith and minister according to the Word of God and the Spirit of His Grace.

KLM Freedom Ministry Team

J. Nicole Williamson

J. Nicole Williamson

J. Nicole Williamson is an ordained minister with an M.A. in Christian Counseling and trained as a Professional Life Coach. She has served for nearly forty years in Christian ministry and leadership with a passion to see God’s sons and daughters run their God-given course in life fully and freely.

Janie Uriegas

Janie Uriegas

Janie Uriegas has served for over fifteen years in deliverance ministry with Heart & Soul Ministries as well as in the John G. Lake Healing Ministries. As a trained lay minister and spiritual life mentor she carries a strong prophetic gift. Her passion is to empower women to experience the full freedom that is theirs in Christ. 

Cornelia Cunningham

Cornelia Cunningham

Cornelia Cunningham has served for nearly thirty years as a lay minister with training under John Osteen. She works with a strong gift of spiritual discernment and prophetic insight together with anointed prayer. She connects with individuals in a heart of compassion to see them fulfill the call of God on their life. 

About Freedom

True freedom includes inner healing and restoration of well-being. It includes a personal recovery and rebuilding of something broken or lost, or renewing back to full ability. There are many ways we need freedom and healing, whether in spirit, soul, or body, and Jesus wants us to experience them all.

Unforgiveness, bitter root issues, emotional wounds, purposelessness, or generational iniquities can impact us in every area of who we are. God deeply cares for each of us and wants us to live in radiant wholeness for a radiant and divine purpose. We know that God heals the whole man and have seen that when the spirit is set free from bondage and the soul is restored, the physical body tends to also respond in like manner.

Our goal is that each person coming for prayer ministry experiences an encounter with the Lord who is able to bring life transformation above and beyond what we could ask or think.

What People are Saying

“Even with my long walk in life seeking God’s will, I still had many physical limits and emotional struggles. Roots of false identity were exposed and I received a new vision of hope! Thank you so much!”

“The first thing my husband said was, ‘Something big has changed in you! Your eyes are brighter. I have my wife back!”

“I feel bright and calm, and my thoughts are clear. The ‘carousel’ isn’t spinning anymore. God changed me today!”

“I don’t hear the voices any more. My mind is clearer. I know my authority now and am moving forward.”

“I am SO grateful for your ministry and your ministry of God’s hope and compassion. What a service you provide to those who are struggling with all the things this world slings at us! How you direct us to God’s Precious Word is phenomenal!”

“I haven’t had a bad dream in 2 weeks! I finally feel at peace.”

“I’m feeling so much better! I see the light now and I surely needed that.”

“My son is doing great! He really needed this ministry.”

“I feel like a new woman!”

“Thank you! This ministry was really meaningful, deep, and I really needed it. I will refer people to you and come and see you again when I feel a need for more ministry!”

“I feel like ‘thank you’ doesn’t describe the appreciation I have, but Thank you!”

“Thank you for the wonderful ministry you and your team provide the community. What a powerful time it was today! I stand in absolute awe of what the Lord has done and what a great Father He truly.”

“This day is forever marked in eternity as a turning moment for me. I’ll never forget it and I look forward to the fruit that comes from it.”

“This has been one of the most powerful healing experiences I’ve ever been through – healing the core of my identity and who I am inside. My spirit feels so liberated and I just want to encourage you in what you are doing. The Healing Room is so needed in the Body of Christ and I’m so thankful He is using you like He is.”

Healing and Freedom is God’s Desire for You

Psalms 30:2  O Lord my God, I cried to You for help, and You healed me.

Isaiah 53:4-5   But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities, the chastisement for our peace was upon Him, and by His stripes we are healed.