Many have been asking when my new book will be out, well, it’s out! The title is: Heaven’s Secret of Success – cultivating your identity from seed to harvest.

Heaven’s Secret of Success is about the true success (as defined by Jesus) that you and I were created to experience as God’s son or daughter with power! Our identity in Him begins with the seed of His Word (His DNA) planted in us at re-birth in Christ – a seed that has an intended harvest that will glorify Father and bring healing of the nations. But as with any harvest, that seed has a journey, one that needs a favorable environment to grow!

Rich insights will help you understand the journey of the seed inside you (both natural and spiritual), its power as well as its challenges and adversities. Learn how to strengthen yourself in the Lord, break free from places where you’ve gotten “stuck”, recognize distractions and opposition, and stop the enemy from continuing to steal your harvest. See the words and dreams God’s given you come to fruition. It’s time to know God, and who you are in Him. The valued and unique life and gifts inside you matter!

Copies can be purchased from Barnes and Noble 0n-line or from I am also working on a website called Identity Matters Today from which you will soon be able to obtain copies.

I pray this book blesses you on your journey to live in the fullness of who you are as Abba’s child. Your life is a gift.

J. Nicole Williamson – Abba’s daughter