I woke up this morning thinking about the imprint of a hand—how it symbolizes the impression of our words and actions that we leave on other’s lives. I awakened thinking in particular of the imprint of my mother’s hand on my life as she passed into eternity. It was a sting, an unjust blow I still feel as it wasn’t that long ago. But I also feel Abba’s healing love at work….and I know He works all things together for good. 

We encounter people every day—friends, strangers, co-workers, family—upon whom we leave imprints: impressions on the heart that either encourages or discourages, edifies or tears down. Our words and actions make a difference whether we realize it or not. Like footsteps in the sand that leave a mark of where we’ve been, our hands leave imprints of where we’ve been every time we offer a helping hand, give a pat on the back, extend a warm hand-shake, write a thank-you, provide support, present a smile. These imprints can make someone’s day, or even change a life. 

Our hands can leave other imprints too. Imprints that can last a life time for some. The slap of a face, unkind words written in a letter, the arms that refuse to embrace, the finger that too quickly presses “unfriend” on Facebook, the hand that betrays. 

Our imprints are not only left on others, but on ourselves as well. Honorable actions build good character and a right spirit. Dishonorable actions build bad character and destroy our own soul. I admit to both. But my prayer today as Abba’s child is to not only receive the healing imprint of His love that ministers grace where another’s imprint has left a wound, but that my imprint to others would be nothing less than His love.

 J. Nicole – Being Fathered for a Divine Purpose