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Welcome to King’s Lantern Jewelry Collection

King’s Lantern Jewelry is a unique and original line of jewelry designed to inspire the heart of women. Each design combines the elements of artistic beauty, a meaningful story, and a declaration of identity.

Heart of Esther Pendant

The design: A beautiful heart pendant fashioned from seven arrows. These arrows speak of the seven flames of God that empower one to live boldly and fully by Yeshua’s Lordship, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, and by the spirit of the knowledge of God and fear of the Lord. In the center of the heart is a bow of cubic zirconia that holds an eighth arrow whose tip is a heart. The bow speaks of the bow of God that launches His sons and daughters with His love into Kingdom purpose for such a time as this. The piece comes in Sterling Silver, Rose Gold or Yellow Gold. Dimensions: 1.2″ x 1.2″

The declaration: “I am an arrow in my Father’s quiver.” Ps. 127:3-5 says that children are gift from the Lord. They are like arrows in the hand of a warrior, and the father who has his quiver full of arrows is blessed. When he stands accused he will not be ashamed (because his children stand with him to testify to the truth about him). Abba Father stands with a multitude of children in Yeshua who testify of His goodness. As a Warrior, He sends His sons and daughters into divine purpose to release His love and defeat the darkness that holds souls captive.

The meaningful story: The ancient story of Esther is a powerful account of a young Israeli girl of humble beginnings with a people in exile, yet who rose to be queen in a Babylonian palace. Esther’s tender heart and willingness to follow God’s unusual plan for her life positioned her with favor for a divine purpose. Soon after her rise to be the king’s bride, a nobleman within the palace also rose with the king’s favor yet whose evil heart was set on destroying Esther’s people. Esther prayed and took action, bravely risking her life to save her nation. Her strategic and inspired engagement with the king resulted in victory and an overturn of the enemy’s plan.

I believe that deep within the heart of every woman is an “Esther” waiting to step into the fullness of the divine destiny that beats within her heart. Nevertheless, our calling requires us to push past timidity and fear, and untold suppressions that work to keep women from standing confidently and with a righteous voice as the Father’s royal daughter. As we dare to humbly follow God’s plan for our life, there awaits a divine bow that will launch us as an arrow with favor into divine purpose for such a time as this. This Heart of Esther pendant is designed as a reminder to who we are as Father’s arrow to our own nation.


Sterling Silver Pendant   $79 

Rose Gold Pendant   $89

Yellow Gold Pendant   $89