I love the refreshing that some good ole’ R&R brings, but there’s another R&R the Holy Spirit has been impressing on me more than ever for this hour—something important that you and I have and the world needs. It’s the Receive & Release of the anointing within us: what we receive, we are to give. We have been “tagged”—touched—by the love and power of God, and this is what we touch others with as we reach out beyond ourselves.

Many of Abba’s children don’t fully understand what they have inside them—a Kingdom of authority to heal the ills of fallen mankind and free an earth in bondage. Jesus demonstrated it: He healed the sick, cast out demons, multiplied bread, and silenced storms. The Spirit of Jesus lives in every child of God and this is how He means to live! Loving and caring for others is who we are. The Word says we have His same anointing abiding in us, empowering us with authority over sickness, demon activity, death, oppression, and even over earth’s elements as keepers of the earth.

We are not mere business people, teachers or parents. We are vessels filled with a healing, delivering anointing for our homes, communities, and nation….conduits, not containers with lids.

So how do we release the power of the anointing? Simple active faith—acting on what we hear God say. And here’s the kicker: the more we act on what we hear the more clearly we hear, and the more we hear, the more we act….the greater our faith grows in confidence to release the anointing within us. The opposite is true as well: the less we act on what we hear, the duller our hearing becomes: faith to release what’s been imparted diminishes.

Many of God’s children feel they can’t hear Him. But we can! Mostly it’s a matter of learning His language and recognizing His Voice. However, some of our hearing problems also stem from being taught a religious value system of “believe and receive”, but not to release the anointing we have. The prophet Isaiah (prophets know a lot about hearing God) said that an inability to hear God is often a result of a “heart full of fat”. Fat is a build-up of stored oils—an excess of oil consumption and not enough oil burning action. Stored oil clogs our spiritual ears.

Did you hear that? Not enough oil burning action going on! Taking it in, but not using it dulls our hearing. Father wants us to use what we’ve been given. Don’t let someone or some spirit dupe you into believing that you have nothing to give. Release that oil and you’ll start to see how much more clear you hear as faith rises in you to do the works you are meant to do. You will be surprised how God will use you! It’s so simple—just a word, just a touch, can release heaven and change a life. I know. I’ve experienced it, and I’ve seen it displayed over and over again.

It’s not an absence of the anointing that hinders us as Abba’s children, but a veil over our understanding of who we are and our divine DNA that wants to release heaven throughout our earthly day. It time to take off the shroud and burn some oil. “Freely have you received, freely give.” Tag, you’re it. Now go touch someone today!

J Nicole – Basking in the Son