Living as Abba’s Child Through Creativity

J Nicole Williamson
J Nicole Williamson


creative boy and girlAs God’s children, we are fashioned in His image—the image of the Creator. Laced into the incredible blueprint of our humanity are elements of the divine, one being creativity. We cannot create something from nothing like God, but the resources for creating something new from what already exists is limitless!

God, in His very essence, is a designer, inventor, builder, gardener, pottery maker, and so much more. He is the head of a family of creative children. Creativity itself has so many expressions, from inventions that provide ease with work, to artistic expression that provides beauty for the soul or even the release of grief, or humor that brings a smile to our face such as this dressed up doggy. Creativity includes the ability to build a project, a home, a city, design a weapon for protection, write a song, or even administrate an office where an administrator wisely puts things in functional design for optimal efficiency. These are all aspects of creativity that cause our lives and the world around us to flourish and prosper.

In creativity, right AND left-brain work together! Neuroscience has discovered that it is not just the right brain that creates, but both sides of the brain work together in creativity. Here is what one article says, “Creativity does not involve a single brain region or single side of the brain. Instead, the entire creative process – from preparation to incubation to illumination to verification – consists of many interacting cognitive processes (both conscious and unconscious) and emotions. Depending on the stage of the creative process, and what you’re actually attempting to create, different brain regions are recruited to handle the task. Importantly, many of these brain regions work as a team to get the job done, and many recruit structures from both the left and right side of the brain…Depending on the task, different brain networks will be recruited.” (

As your Heavenly Father’s son or daughter, what does He want to create through you today that will cause you or your sphere of influence to prosper in a fresh way?

Here are 6 ways to help jump-start your creative flow:

  1. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you fresh ideas and awaken creativity within you.
  1. Take inventory of your gifts. What needs to “go to the next level” in development or expression? Write down some ways of what that can look like.
  1. What positive thought or desire occasionally crosses your mind that you haven’t yet engaged? Grab that thought and do it! Just start. Don’t worry about imperfection—learn and enjoy! You never know what might happen!
  1. My favorite way is to put on some “soaking” music and get into the presence of God. His presence is full of creative ideas and revelatory thoughts. Some of my favorite soaking music is Kimberly and Alberto Rivera.
  1. Go to a bookstore or library, or look online for what might inspire some creative idea. Pinterest is a great place to see what others are doing.
  1. Get with a friend and brainstorm—the synergy of two and talking about a topic can cause all kinds of ideas to surface.


Remember, creativity isn’t only about the fun of personal expression—it is a way of breathing life into something that encourages and empowers you and the world around you in myriad ways for prospering.

How about you? What are some ways that get your creative juices flowing?

What is your favorite music that relaxes you and moves you into intimately connecting with God, the most Creative One ever?

I am Abba’s daughter!



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