Nobody likes feeling stuck, whether it’s with a job situation, a rut in a relationship, a stale internal state, or some other personal impasse. We suffer discouragement, boredom, or disheartenment and wonder how we can unclog the clog. Making progress and experiencing growth is how we are wired as human beings – these make us feel energized and that our engagements in life are meaningful. But a halt in momentum can make us feel buried in the sand by the shore rather than being in the flow of a lively river. Fortunately, being stuck doesn’t mean permanent paralysis; it simply shows that it’s time for new dynamics and strategy for a fresh surge of life.

God has a plan for overcoming the impasses in life—one with wisdom that releases us from the past, moves us through our present, and brings us safely into our future. Here are some helpful tips that I’ve found and used in times when I’ve needed that extra push to get me going out of a prison and into my purpose.

  1. Acknowledge your feelings – don’t stuff or ignore them. Feelings are handy—they let you know when something is wrong. Find out “what” they are saying then ask the Holy Spirit to show you “why”—what is the root of the “what”. Then you can address “how” to make changes with God’s wisdom.
  2. Forgive – grudges, resentment, and unforgiveness are clogs in wheels. They keep us stuck in a dark moment of the past. Be intentional with Christ-like love that sees God who is able to work all things together for good.
  3. Exercise – get your creative juices flowing through physical activity like walking, biking, swimming or even dancing. Physical movement is a good de-stressor that helps clear the mind and empower problem-solving ways of thinking.
  4. Identify patterns that may signify this is another trip around a familiar mountain. Is there a stronghold (internal negative belief system) that needs to be broken? Are you self-sabotaging with wrong choices? Ask some wise friends for their input. We all have blind spots in our life.
  5. Renew your mind with the Word of God. Create a faith-filled environment for the Holy Spirit to speak fresh counsel to you.
  6. Expect the answer to come to you that you need and rest in God’s timing. He is the God of hope (expectation of good). He is faithful.

“Faithful is He who calls you, and He also will bring it to pass” (1 Thess. 5:24)

J. Nicole – Abba’s daughter