Recognizing God-talk

J Nicole Williamson
J Nicole Williamson


I have come to find that learning God’s “language” (how He talks to me) is a wonderful adventure. He speaks to us in so many ways – His Word, dreams, visions, that “inner voice,” through others, a sense of knowing or feeling, and more (though I do have to say, not generally through my shoe).  I love that He is not religious in any sense and doesn’t confine His talking with me to my prayer closet. Rather, He delights in creatively speaking throughout the day, and night, in simply natural moments. And the more that I recognize His voice the more I learn to engage with His presence and take to heart what He is saying.

Recognizing God’s talking to us through life situations takes the simplicity of life and makes it, well, simply supernatural. The following is a word He recently spoke to me as I was playing a card game with my husband and some friends. The four of us were at the kitchen table and the game involved four rounds of play. While each round had a winner, there was also a winner of the four rounds in total.

In the first round I lost terribly. I mean really bad. By the end of the second round I was trailing way behind everyone. I lost the third round, too, and continued in last place (I don’t generally do so bad at this game). However, at the beginning of the fourth round, I suddenly stated with confidence, “I’m going to win this round!” It wasn’t a mere declaration of desire, nor an arrogant assertion. I felt the words come from my spirit.  It was as if I knew it as a fact. And sure enough, I not only won the last round, but my points excelled to win the entire evening of play.  What was most notable was that my hand in that round was unlike any that evening – it was loaded with the right cards that laid out quickly, ending the game in a whirl of action that propelled me from last place to first. We all sat there shocked!

And here’s what I heard the Lord say:

“This new season is one of acceleration and promotion as I reposition My people for Kingdom advancement. I’m ‘dealing’ a new hand.”  Immediately I remembered a word He had spoken to me a year ago from Ezekiel 36:11, “…I will treat you better than at the first. Thus you will know that I am the Lord” (NASB). Another version says, “I will do you MORE good than before.” This word in Ezekiel was a declaration of good from God toward His people because of the oppression of the enemy who had “desolated and swallowed God’s people on every side”. God was in a “that’s enough!” mode regarding the desolate wastes and abandoned cities of His people who were being shamed and preyed on by surrounding nations.

God’s reply to the situation of His covenant loved ones was: I am raising My hand regarding the enemy; I will multiply you, rebuild you, cause you to be fruitful, and remove reproach from you”.  God was declaring that He was about to supernaturally intervene and thrust His people from lack and loss to promotion and provision. He was going to “deal” them a “new hand”.

This past season has been one of transition for the Body of Christ. Many have waited in a hidden place, others have experienced loss or great difficulty, unable to get ahead, or succeed in what they knew God had called them to do. But a “new hand” – the Hand of the Lord – is being outstretched. He is working on behalf of His called out ones. Get ready for accelerated promotion! “It’s time to come forth!” Begin to declare your new day with confidence in Him as you let the Spirit of faith rise in you. Don’t look back to what was or has been. Look forward. Look at Him. You are about to recover lost things, gain new ground, and bear fresh fruit. Look for His movement and speaking to you as He supernaturally moves you to the forefront of His good plans for you.

J. Nicole – Abba’s Daughter

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