Recovering the Song Within

J Nicole Williamson
J Nicole Williamson


Last week on the evening news, I saw a report about the recovery of a famous conductor’s piano concerto that had been banned by the Nazis in WWII. Paul Kletzki, born 1900, was a brilliant composer and gifted conductor who gained recognition in Europe prior to the war. In January, 1933, just when Kletzki was set to become the principle conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Adolf Hitler rose to power. Kletzki, a Jew, was suddenly in fear of his life, his work suppressed. As were all Jewish composers.

Kletzki was barred from conducting, his works burned, even the copperplates on which his works were published were melted down. And worst of all, his parents and sister were sent to Auschwitz where they died. While Kletzki was able to escape to Switzerland, one of his prize compositions, a Piano Concerto in D Minor, was left hidden in a hotel in Italy. The hotel burned down.  However, years later the composition was discovered, in tact, in a trunk under the rubble. Nevertheless, Kletzki wanted nothing to do with it. It was a painful memory of a traumatic time. He had resolved to leave his gift of composing largely to the pre-war days and continued his career with a focus on conducting and teaching.

In light of this, the T.V. newscaster made an interesting comment saying, “He lost his will to compose.” I thought: how many times have we laid down a God-given gift, a divine dream or call of God because of painful circumstances that came against us and our gift? We lost our will to continue that path. We no longer wanted to go there. Been there.

But our Abba Father is the Reviver of dreams, Healer of the heart, and Liberator from lucifer’s schemes that try to suppress our inspiration. God is the Restorer of the song within, that heavenly melody that resonates with hope—the joyful expectation of good. His goodness is the confidence of the ages that stands as an ensign to weary travelers that God is able to do far exceedingly above what we could ask or think. I know.

If you have a God-given dream that has died because of painful circumstances, I want to encourage you today that His plans for you are good and that it is He who performs all things for you. He works in you the encouraged will to do His great pleasure. And as a Father, your life and purpose are His great pleasure. How much He loves you.

J. Nicole – Being Fathered for a Divine Purpose

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