I recently made a trip to Philadelphia, PA where I was delighted by the beautiful architecture and array of statues I saw everywhere. Their presence reminded me of the sacrifice made for this country by men and women who were people of vision, values, and uncompromising devotion to principles. They reminded me that our liberty came at a price.

Today I want to remember something else. It’s my birthday and I’m taking time to remember the goodness of God and the sacrifice He made for my freedom. I’ll never forget when I was in darkness how He brought me into the light of His love and truth; He broke the chains that I could not break off my life. I remember His constant faithfulness throughout the years, and His love that has never failed to keep me growing in my identity as His treasured daughter. I call to mind the purpose and vision of His heart for me, my family, and my nation. I remember and I am thankful.

Abba Father says that while there are some things we need to forget, there are also things we need to remember. My prayer for you today is that you remember what needs to be remembered—like how much He loves you. Recall His goodness and plans for you that are good. Remember His promises for they are true, and that His mercies are new every morning. Remember that He is listening to your every prayer, and He cares for you. Remember that He is able to do far exceeding above all you could ask or think. Remember that with Him all things are possible, and that your labor of love has great reward.

J Nicole – Abba’s daughter

Pic by gallery.moeding.net