Life & Purpose Coaching

Phase 1 

Gain Clarity

Experience clarity and joy as you discover your unique God-given identity through a series of personal assessments that work to empower vision for your significance and life purpose.

Phase 2

Build Confidence

Unlock potential as self-limiting beliefs, soul wounds, and self-sabotaging actions are identified, healed, and replaced by empowering truths and choices.

Phase 3

Empower Connection

 Gain momentum as you identify and set key goals, implement strategic action steps, and explore how your gifts and purpose connects with others.

Succeeding by Design Coaching offers help in achieving breakthrough in areas of life where you feel stuck, need clarity in your life purpose, or setting and achieving goals. God has a joy-filled place that you are meant to experience with Him and that makes a difference in this world. 

Coaching is offered as:

  • Individual sessions
  • Package sessions
  • Our unique 10 week Identity & Purpose Program designed to help you discover your unique purpose, potential, gifts, and callingThis program includes
  1. Free initial 30 minute assessment review of personal goals
  2. Ten 60-minute private coaching sessions
  3. Personal Identity & Purpose assessments and activities
  4. Clarity and Confidence building strategies
  5. Setting goals and identifying obstacles with solutions
  6. Keys to identifying and overcoming personal hindrances
  7. Customizable templates for self-assessment and strategic planning
  8. Prayer support

The world is waiting for your God-given brilliance to be unlocked. You carry a solution that someone else is needing. Take the journey today to discover your radiance. It’s your time to rise and shine!

Call Nicole at 972-816-8455 or email

What People are Saying

“We never thought we would ever need a life coach until we met with Nicole.  We were in a place in our life where we knew we had to take a big step toward our life goals.  With that leap of faith comes a lot of doubt and uncertainty.  It takes a complete shift in mindset to go to that next level.  That’s when we met with Nicole because we knew we needed a coach to help us.  Over a series of sessions, she was able to identify our unique gifts and talents, unlock the hidden treasures in our heart that we didn’t even know existed, and validate our God-given identity.  This experience has exceeded our expectations!  Nicole is committed and passionate about seeing you succeed, shine, and walk in your full potential.” – Brandon & Willy B.

“I wish I would have had the advantage of having a coaching class like this one when I was a young Believer.  It would have helped me understand my spiritual gifts early on and develop them as opposed to wondering what my purpose was and why I couldn’t walk in my calling.  In my opinion, I think every Believer should take a coaching class like this to develop their God given gift and find their purpose in their identity.”  – Janie U.

“I was amazed at the incredible journey of discovery that this course took me on in unveiling my true identity and purpose in Christ. I learned how God’s Master Plan has His fingerprint in every aspect of how He designed me – from my name, my birthplace, my family, and nation, and more!  From personality to motivational gifts to passions, the discoveries found along this journey empowered me to believe and engage His distinct purpose for my life.” – Cornelia C.

“This course came into my life in God’s perfect timing. I was in a very emotional stage in a time of life transition. This course was like a wheel on my ship that steered me back on course. For the first time in my life I began to truly see the person I was created to be. Succeeding by Design helped me to get unstuck and experience freedom to be who God made me to be. I can soar again! I highly recommend this inspired course it to everyone.” – Sandra A.

“Going through this program helped me discover a burden I was carrying that I didn’t know know I was carrying. And not only that but I was set free from worrying about others and taking on a false burden of what others’ might think or feel.” – Kathleen R.

Succeeding by Design course helped me to explore and understand who I am, Whose I am, and the gifts I have been given. This also helped me to understand my purpose. I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to understand God’s design for you as His son or daughter for such a time as this!” – Cheryl E.