A Day of Destiny

J Nicole Williamson
J Nicole Williamson


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On Memorial Day, 1923, then Vice-President Calvin Coolidge gave a speech entitled, “The Destiny of America”. In his discourse before the nation he stated, “If there be a destiny, it is of no avail for unless we work with it the ways of Providence will be of no advantage to us unless we proceed in the same direction. If we perceive a destiny in America, if we believe that Providence has been the guide, our own success, our own salvation, requires that we should act and serve in harmony and obedience…”

America’s founding forefathers understood that God had designed her destiny and worked in harmony with it. Thus, the U.S. has been a land of the free and a lighthouse of hope to the world. Her people have flourished because of the gospel of Jesus Christ present in the founding of this nation. However, today another force has broken upon the shores of America, like an enemy with a different design in mind—one not in harmony or obedience to the Father’s good will. Fear has taken hold of many as this dark shadow moves across our culture with a plot to rewrite our history, change our identity, and alter our destiny. But there is hope!

Jesus, the light of the world, is not content to sit and watch darkness prevail! The Lord of Hosts is raising up His mighty army for such a time as this. America’s days are not over yet! In fact, I believe that the greatest move of God is about to break forth on her shores. But God is looking for an army who will move with Him. And who is that army? The CHURCH! It is the hour of power for the Church who is seated in heavenly places for the earth’s wellbeing.  Together with Christ, we are anointed to heal the nations and transform culture. We are appointed with the Son for the Father’s work! And God loves America.

My friend, author Alisa Burns, and I have co-written a book called The Esther Mandate: The War for America’s Destiny. It is a small but powerful book regarding God’s calling for you and me to rise in the anointing given us for the life of this nation. Like the story of Esther, we as God’s people must unite in prayer and fasting, and embrace an edict of empowerment for the day of battle. This book will inspire your heart as you:

  • Remember America’s foundations with quotes by our founding fathers
  • Recognize the plot against her by an ancient enemy driving current troubles
  • Read powerful testimonies of answers to prayer and fasting
  • Realize the God-given gifts and anointing given YOU for such a time as this!

I believe this book will be a rich blessing to you–that is its intention. It is a quick but not casual read. One endorsement calls it “a 2012 prophetic awakening for America and the Church with deep revelatory insight that will connect you to your God-given potential to affect change in the world around you.” America has a God designed destiny…as do you.

Copies can be obtained on www.amazon.com or through our website: www.esthermovement.com. Please visit us and leave a comment.

J. Nicole Williamson – Abba’s daughter



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