Words carry power. How often have you felt that someone’s words “rang” true (or not), or that what they said “resonated” within you? Their words stirred you, not with mere interest, but with a grander movement that awakens the heart with a clarion call to rise to a new level.

I experienced that recently from a stranger whose words flowed with waters that refreshed my soul and encouraged my spirit. I was so aware of what was happening inside me, it was like a resonating effect—words that produced a continuing echo of like thought and feeling within me. The Spirit from which this person spoke caused my spirit to move, as it were, at the same frequency.

Words have power because they carry frequency—energy—degrees of light vibration that impact our spirit, soul, and even body. Divine truth carries the greatest degree of light—that’s why God commands us to speak truth in love to edify, encourage, and energize one another to forward momentum on our journey with Christ. As truth and love resonate within us, and we speak it, it causes others to rise, move, and flow in the same energy of that truth.

Satan, too, understands the power of words and uses dark speech to dishearten, demean, discourage, and distract the hearer—words that act like a flow of sludge to clog the heart and make us hesitate, stop, and fall short of our divine call in Christ.

Today, let’s not hesitate to speak words of encouragement to someone who may be weary in well-doing, disillusioned by the cares of life, or detoured from their course. Your words may just well be the tuning fork that lifts their spirit and clears their eyes to see their way again toward their heavenly prize and high calling in Christ.

“Let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works.” (Heb. 10:24)

J. Nicole – Knowing God as Papa