On my journey as a writer and speaker, I have learned the importance of how articulation with words impacts what we desire to convey. A simple phrase or even single word can seed a particular view in the reader or hearer’s mind. Words can either open the heart’s window with the light of truth or darken the soul with a false understanding.

I was reading a devotional this morning, and a statement was made that caught my attention: “When the wife is married, she at once falls into a new attitude, and acts in accordance with the fact…” While I understood what the author was trying to say as he went on to compare her relationship with that of the Bride of Christ, the one word that jumped out at me was “fall”. Why is she falling? Is she falling into line to do what she’s supposed to do? Why isn’t she rising to a new attitude of honored position and empowered action? After all, that is how I feel as part of the Bride of Christ!

I point this out not to be picky, but to make a point—I believe we are in an hour of Church history in which our very words must convey an understanding of our empowerment in relationship with Christ. While I fully embrace a humility before the Lord in holy reverence to Him as my Lord, Savior, Healer, and Deliverer, as His Bride He also lifts me up to sit with Him in heavenly places! I rise to a new attitude of being one with Him in victory.

As a natural wife, I understand the true biblical place of submission to my husband—the head of our union—with an attitude of co-operation to one whose Christ-like headship empowers me and lifts me up—not one that suppresses or controls me. I am a blessed woman! And so are all who are part of the Bride of Christ!

The fact is, if we embrace a concept that a natural bride is to fall into acts in accordance with a fact, it may lend our mind to think of her place as merely a servant…and one without authority. And as a woman, I have to admit: many cultures have made women feel that way. But Jesus said, “I no longer call you servants, but friends…I give you authority.”

This current move of God is doing something special for women—He is restoring who they are and their place of dignity among men. Father is raising up His daughters in humility yet with authority. They are, after all, a natural picture of the spiritual Bride of Christ who is adored by Him. And if we view a natural woman’s place as being disempowered, then we will embrace the concept of a disempowered Bride of Christ. And that cannot be! Everything we are given in Christ is given to empower who He created us to be. He is a wonderful Head!

Jesus takes us, His Bride, by the hand and lifts us up into heavenly places with Him. We come humbly to Christ our Lord and Savior, but then we also rise to a new attitude, vision, and position—one of power, authority, and grace.

May we fall on reverent knee before the Lord, AND rise to a new attitude of being one with Him—an attitude of empowerment for action in co-laboring with Him for the Father’s purposes.

J. Nicole – I am my Father’s daughter!