>The Joy of Authentic Living

J Nicole Williamson
J Nicole Williamson


The word “authentic” is a popular word in our culture of late. People are looking for authenticity in the midst of a world of hype and illusion, tired of copies rather than originals. I know I am. I’m tired of the reprints I’ve gazed on and embraced (both rebel and religious) that define life and style after a man-made, self-made pattern—copies I see in the media, in society, and even in church that falsely promise an increase in personal merit based on performance or someone’s validation. Such reproductions only serve to cloak who I really am as Abba’s child: a daughter of light, a woman of worth, of divine purpose and quantum wealth. 

The term “Authentic” declares a thing to be unique and original as opposed to fake or a reproduction. It is the affirmation of a distinctive work and its author, creator, or composer. God is The Author of all life, of my life, and He has a distinctive design for me. I’ve discovered that to pursue a design other than His original intent will only make me an unoriginal copy, or worse, a fake. The world makes copies, religion makes reprints, but God intricately shapes His children in His likeness and in the beauty of how He uniquely and wonderfully created each one with specific gifts, talents, and even tastes!
Satan tries to shroud the truth of our uniqueness, that we are a beautiful creation for a specific purpose, a divine reason for an eternal season—part of an important plan set in motion from before time began. There’s no one else like me or you. Abba wants us to know and enjoy who He is and who we are—unafraid of other’s opinions, to go, to do, to be a child who is learning the freedom of authentic living as Abba’s child.
So how can you learn to live more authentically? Ask the Author. He alone can highlight the glorious gem within you, bring out the gifts of the Spirit He’s given you, and show you the unique work He has for you to do…and set you free like a butterfly on the wings of His love to soar a supernatural lifestyle with Him.
J. Nicole
Being Fathered for a Divine Purpose

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