>The Law and the Profit

J Nicole Williamson
J Nicole Williamson


Nope. Not about money….though it could be! Not a typo either. As I’m moving forward this year into fresh starts, I’ve had a reoccurring thought: Father, teach me the difference between what is lawful and what is profitable. Here’s what I mean. 

I looked up the word “profit,” it means: to move forward, advance in such a way as to bring improvement, gain, what is useful or advantageous (any state or condition favorable to success). Hmm….remember my last post? I love it when God continues to unfold a theme to me. It’s like being on a treasure hunt!

 Now the “lawful” things I’m referring to are not the items on an approved list—you know, the rules. I tend not to think rules so much as a lifestyle of love and honor. Love, after all, is the goal. Nevertheless, there are things that Father says “no” to in my life (and lots of yes’s!). Then there are the in-between. Not gray. Just “lawful” but not “profitable” – as Paul put it.


These may include my choice of food, the way I spend my time, etc. I want to move forward with personal projects, business ventures, personal study, and relationships, but I need optimal time and energy. That means I need to take inventory of how I spend my time, manage it wisely, cut off some activities that prevent me from more important ones. It also means making some changes in what I eat in order to have good energy.  Good-bye Taco Bell and Twinkies….well, maybe an occasional Twinkie.


Father wants each of us to move forward in the destiny He has for us. We can work with Him by creating favorable conditions to our own success! I’m starting by asking Him to show me where I can move beyond “lawful” into “profitable”. As I note and put them into practice, I expect it will result in a more profitable year. And who knows—maybe it will also transpire into financial gain as well!


J. Nicole

Being Fathered for a Divine Purpose


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