I was inspired by a message today on having a vision plan for your life – one that includes a divine plan and strategy for you, your family, business, ministry, and even your region. And not just for the next twenty, thirty, or even forty years, but for the next one hundred.

That kind of thinking isn’t the “norm” for we Christians who have been raised for the rapture – after all, Jesus could come any moment and all those plans would have been for nothing. So as faithful end-time revivalists, we live and labor for the moment and with the thought of souls today. We don’t think of the souls that will live one hundred years from now (our great, great, great, grandchildren and those of our friends and the people we influence today), let alone plan for their wellbeing.

But we should.

We must.

Why? Because God is the God of families…of generations…of regions and nations. When is Jesus coming? I don’t know, but we must think big. We must think beyond – beyond our years, beyond our personal success, beyond our comforts. After all, Jesus does. He thought of you and me before the world began. He thought of us as He sacrificed His life. He thought of our welfare. He thought of our grandchildren, and beyond. Do our choices, plans and vision extend beyond our retirement?  Proverbs 13:22 says that a good man or woman leaves an inheritance to their grandchildren – they think and plan generationally, and not just with monetary wealth, but with who they are as a person—their choices, ethics, spiritual walk, and engagement with God in their God-given calling and abilities.

Good kings think long-term—beyond their years and personal sphere. They see their successors and plan. They view the territory entrusted them and plan long-term for its welfare. They war for its wellbeing not just for the moment, but for its enduring prosperity. We are kings and priests—spiritual fathers and mothers not only of natural children, but of spiritual children and of cities, regions, and nations—nations that will one day be eternally defined by the Lord Himself as either sheep or goats.  Our plans and engagements today make a difference for tomorrow’s tomorrow.

I have heard many sermons on “legacy,” but none so impactful as the one I heard today in calling us to make a one hundred year vision plan. What would that vision plan look like for you?

J. Nicole – Abba’s daughter