The Rest of the Story

J Nicole Williamson
J Nicole Williamson


The other day, a woman dressed in a beautiful sari came into the office for an eye exam (I work at a vision center). As I began the testing she commented, “I remember you – you prayed for me last year.” I remembered her too, recalling how she approached our glass doors, hobbling on one foot in terrible pain. I rushed to get her a rolling chair and tried to make her as comfortable as possible. Touched by her situation, I asked if I could pray for her. She said yes, and I did.

 Now, my co-workers are used to the practice of praying for patients. Together we see God’s love and power at work. But this time, there was a pause – could I, you know, say the “Name”? After all, this woman was of Hindu faith, and I of Christian. But Jesus’ love knows no bounds, no race, no religious affiliation, no status. Neither is there fear of man’s opinion in His love. Without hesitation, I put my hands gently around her ankle, and spoke life, healing, and the name I love most—Jesus. I felt His overwhelming love for her. Now, a year later, she wanted to tell me the rest of the story.

 That day I had prayed, her ankle did get better. She said, “God touched me.” However, three months later the symptoms reappeared. She remembered what I did, so she put her hands on her ankle and asked God to heal her. And He did! Again, she knew it was the Divine touch that made her well.  She shared the experience with her mother-in-law who exclaimed, “What you are saying gives me goose bumps!” How exciting—an encounter with the One who heals!

 Some might ask, “Well, did she say the Name”? But, that isn’t the point here.  It is that someone showed her the reality of God’s love and power. Later, when she remembered and turned to Him in simple faith, His grace met her. And she was thankful. I’ve learned how faithful the Holy Spirit is to water the simple seeds of faith we sow as we live in intimacy with God. He will continue the work He begins in a person’s heart and life. Perhaps when we get to heaven we will learn all the “rest of the stories” of how our words and actions have touched people with the love of God. For now, I want to continue to influence the world with the power of His love, one person at a time.

 J. Nicole – Knowing God as Papa

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