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What is your purpose?

You were created with unique capacities, rich potentials and a significant God-given purpose. That purpose is linked with your God-given identity and the assignment you are meant to do on Earth. In Christ, you have been given authority and power to live the life the Heavenly Father intends for you. 

In a world of negative messages and painful experiences it’s easy to be unclear about your direction, feel stuck, purposeless, or even disconnected. You want what God has for you – you know there is more but aren’t sure what that is or how to step into it. There may be obstacles in your way, life patterns that need breaking, resources that need discovering. 

King’s Lantern Ministries International serves to help you live your true identity and purpose in Christ for making the difference you are here to make.  

Classes & Seminars

Join us for our online courses and seminars. Be empowered to live the life God intends with truth that inspires the heart, builds the soul with wisdom, and equips with vision in a purpose-filled destiny. Learn to overcome adversity, experience healing of soul wounds and freedom from spiritual bondage for a life of victory.

Personal Ministry

 The Healing Place is a faith based prayer ministry that helps individuals experience personal renewal and freedom from negative root issues. Fear, rejection, and disappointments are just a few areas that can hold us back from experiencing a life that flourishes in love, purpose, and healthy relationships. 

Life and Purpose Coaching

Our coaching program helps you discover your hidden potentials and unlock your God-given gifts, while gaining clarity and confidence in who you are and what God has for you. Learn to set goals with practical steps for effectively running your race and living your purpose.

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