Mending Hearts - Freeing Captives

Foundations for Inner Healing & Deliverance Ministry

Do you want to see lives changed and set free? Hearts healed?
The harvest is now! Healing of soul wounds and deliverance from spiritual bondage IS the Father’s will! Through this seminar, you will be equipped as Kingdom laborers to minister healing and freedom in Christ to others. Our passion is to help train, equip and empower you with keys from the Kingdom, so you can bring freedom, healing and wholeness to others.
Through this online course you will learn to:
  • Minister in the power of God’s love and truth
  • Discern the leading of the Spirit as you listen to people
  • Increase your skills in biblical counseling
  • Understand the core needs of the heart, soul, and human design
  • Learn keys that shatter strongholds and reframe mindsets with truth
  • Help people move from defeat to victory in spirit, soul, and body!
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Course Curriculum

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This 15+ hour in-depth video course on foundations for inner healing and deliverance is designed to help equip you as a minister to the brokenhearted and those trapped in spiritual bondage. You will learn critical skills in biblical counseling, the art of hearing God and listening to people, victory in spiritual warfare, and renewing the mind while establishing new mindsets. You will also learn core needs of human design. Every heart healed and soul freed is one empowered to prosper in Kingdom advancement.

What’s Included? 

9 sessions that provide:

– 15 hours of video content
– In-depth teaching and practical exercises
– Session notes and outlines
– Prayers
– Declarations
– Course Certificate upon completion

Cost: $99.00

Provides a course introduction on the ministry of healing and deliverance, with topics that include the basics of personal ministry, the character of the minister, the importance of the Holy Spirit, and ethics of counseling.

Provides an understanding of human design and development, including people’s basic needs and the importance of active listening to God, to the Holy Spirit and to others.

Discusses understanding spiritual warfare, healing and humility and transformation keys, including the power of confession, repentance, forgiveness, receiving, and renunciation.

Continues with spiritual warfare, and then discusses soul wounds, the power of words,  the power of life and death in the tongue, and strongholds of the soul.

This session moves into the power of the covenant and reviews the law of blessing and law of curses.

This lesson discusses the importance of understanding the different types of trauma, the impact of trauma, abuse and fear, and the steps to healing and recovery from trauma.

This session focuses on breaking the hold of grief, breaking co-dependencies, breaking ungodly soul-ties and in establishing righteous boundaries.

This session discusses building in the realm of faith, physical healing, root causes of infirmity and illness, including bitterness and unforgiveness, stress and its effects, and hindrances to healing.

The last session finishes up with breaking ungodly vows and judgments and the importance of growing in freedom.