I See You

It is a time to see the person on the street the way God sees them, and to see our brothers and sisters (natural and spiritual) the way God sees them, too, and value the gift of who God made them to be.  

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Keep moving ahead


New seasons bring new challenges. Movement that disrupts any norm can create anxiety, fear and tension, especially if there is no clear vision of what’s ahead.  When the children of Israel shifted from being wilderness wanderers to becoming God’s warriors taking the land, they had

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Year of witness

2022 – The Year of Witness

2021 was a rough year for many, one filled with sickness, loss and death. According to a google analysis, “healing” was the most searched word in 2021, including physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual healing. Without a doubt, the nations need healing. In the midst of

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American flag

Righteous Action and Civil Disobedience

America needs you and me if she is to succeed in her divine purpose as a nation. She is weakening greatly under the blows and assault of darkness. The saints must rise in prayer and in civil action. Today, I want to share an excerpt

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Release the waters

Release the Waters!

Are you hungry for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit? It might surprise you how it’s going to come! I recently had the privilege of being part at a tent revival in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The first night, the wind blew in, lightning flashed,

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Is Your Struggle Leading to a New Identity?

In life we struggle and wrestle with a lot of things – relationships, personal issues, health, finances, and so much more. To wrestle means to grapple with an opponent in an effort to defeat him by throwing him to the ground. Times of wrestling are

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