Receiving His Gift of Peace

For many people, the holidays can be a difficult time. Loneliness, challenges with health or finances, or trouble in relationships are a few of the things that can cloud a joyful season with a blanket of sadness. We’ve all experienced those times to one degree

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A Time to Speak

Do you often find it difficult to speak with others in public about some of the current social issues impacting America today? Do you feel a loss of words, lack of needed information or fear of stepping on sensitive toes? You are not alone! And

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The Power of 70 x 7 Forgiveness

Forgiveness is not always easy but it is a critical part of spiritual and emotional health. It is not about the other person, rather it is about our own state of mind and soul being free from the debilitating power of negative thoughts and emotions.

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Transformation Power

Transformation Power for Times of Transition

  We are in a fresh move of God and in this movement, many are experiencing a transition of some kind, whether in a job, ministry, a location, relationships, or other. New connections are being made in what God is doing in our lives. Many

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Gaining New Ground Kings Lantern Ministries

Gaining New Ground

I woke up yesterday hearing God say, “Take territory!” I knew it was a charge to take new ground with a fresh level of committed faith and action for every area of life and calling. We are born to battle, whether we like it or

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