Transformation Power

Transformation Power for Times of Transition

  We are in a fresh move of God and in this movement, many are experiencing a transition of some kind, whether in a job, ministry, a location, relationships, or other. New connections are being made in what God is doing in our lives. Many

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Gaining New Ground Kings Lantern Ministries

Gaining New Ground

I woke up yesterday hearing God say, “Take territory!” I knew it was a charge to take new ground with a fresh level of committed faith and action for every area of life and calling. We are born to battle, whether we like it or

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A Time For Empowered Living

Jennifer LeClaire, founder of Ignite Network, writes about the “Ecclesiastes 3:7 season” we are in: “a time to speak…a time to tear away from toxic relationships, jobs and ministries and begin to sew up the hurts and wounds the enemy inflicted upon us in the

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Distraction = Without Traction!

We live in an era where life is filled with myriad distractions. These disruptions can make us lose focus, waste time, and experience a loss of mental and even emotional energy. We get off track or lose the traction we need for moving forward in

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Time and Your God-given Assignments

I am ever aware of time and its fleeting movement. Ticktock. Perhaps it especially echoes loud in my soul as I was so graciously given a second chance at more time at life on earth when I was young … it was a moment when

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Keys to Change: Creating New Norms

Life is full of change. Some change comes easily, some doesn’t. The beauty of change is that it has the power to create a new norm. The bad thing about change is that it has the power to create a new norm. The difference lies

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