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 The Believer's Identity Devotional Handbook: 120 "I am" Statements of a Christian

Discover the rich identity you carry as a child of God through this 120 day devotional of inspiring "I am" statements from scripture. Each day carries a powerful declaration with fresh insights into who you are in Christ that will both inspire and empower you for stepping more fully into the purpose of who God made you to be as His beloved and significant child.

6 x 9, 104 pages
Price: $9.99
Mini Life with Abba Father front cvr Master
Life with Abba Father          New Release!
Formerly titled Being Fathered for a Divine Purpose, this book has been updated with some revision and fresh insights into who our Heavenly Father is and His important role of fathering us as His children for a divine purpose.  Many people walk through life feeling that God is distant. But He is not. He created us to flourish in confidence, connection, and purpose from the wellspring of His fathering love and care. 

Painful family experiences often create false concepts in our thinking about God and ourselves. Life with Abba Father is written from the heart with powerful insights, personal experiences, and biblical truths for knowing Abba Father's true parenting involvement with us for a divine purpose. Break free of "fatherless" mindsets as you engage a "Fathered" perspective that empowers a true sense of personal, God-given value.  Practical steps are given for healing "heart-wounds" incurred in family relationships.

 6 x 9, 204 pages 
Price: $14.99

The New Empowered Woman ecoverThe Empowered Woman: Restoring Women to their True Identity!                             
This book reveals how God wove His likeness into male and female at creation. Both share common traits such as leadership as fiery ones, yet each has individual qualities too as God’s image. Hebrew roots reveal hidden treasures about how women are designed as community-minded, communicators, celebrated leaders, face-to-face counterparts to men, and a house of life, and more! See how God designed her with intuition, as gateways to increase, and as a warrior bride! Learn how the Fall redefined a woman’s identity through a cursed paradigm, but how Jesus, the Last Adam, restores her to authentic design! Know the truth on sensitive topics such as: silencing, submission, headship, and authority….you will be wonderfully surprised in what you learn! This book will challenge your heart to rise up as a woman made in God's image for a divine purpose that He has called you to engage. Be strengthened with fresh vision as as you realize the true identity of a woman empowered of the Spirit for Kingdom advancement! 

6 x 9, 212 pages 
Price: $16.99      Kindle: $8.99
Mini The Esther Mandate front cov
The Esther Mandate: The War for America's Destiny 
The U.S. has flourished as a lighthouse of hope because of the power of the gospel. But now there are powerful spiritual forces at work to destroy her divine destiny. Will she go the way of ancient Rome? Or are her best days ahead? The answer to these questions, and more, depends on the Church! Jesus is calling His body to rise up, fast, pray, and take action with Him in a victorious battle for America's destiny. God loves America - like a child that God brought forth to life to serve His purposes. He has not given up on this nation. This book will inspire your heart to stand strong and contend for God's purposes with this nation as you realize that you are here for such a time as this.

5.5 x 8, 98 pages

Price: $9.95
Kindle: $5.99

Heaven's Secret of Success
Discover the secrets Jesus shared that will empower you to succeed in the purpose of God for your life - one of Kingdom dominion. It's time for you as a son or daughter of God to know who you are, spiritually and naturally, and how to give that valuable identity a favorable environment to grow from seed to harvest. 

Learn a new level of engagement with God's Voice. Recognize areas where you have gotten derailed, distracted, or detained regarding your anointed gifts, talents, and God-given dreams. Life applications will help you recognize and avoid detours, find strength in times of adversity, and leave compromise for a fruitful and supernatural life - one that glorifies the Father and brings healing to the nations.

6 x 9, 212 pages
Price: $14.95
Mini Freedom in the light frontcover Final 2014 version
Freedom in the Light 
This book is a Christian Twelve-Step course based on the Word of God with powerful insights for inner healing and breaking free of strongholds. Key concepts include personal recognition of a need for change, the power of God's presence, and powerful declarations of an identity in Christ rather than an identity in captivity. The book takes the individual on a journey with the Holy Spirit who alone can shed the light on true root issues and then bring the answers needed for breakthrough. Break free into a new place of intimacy with God and freedom from self-defeating patterns so you can step into the fullness of the destiny God intends for you.

8.5 x 11, 198 pages 

Price: $23 plus shipping

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