Breaking the Silence: Taking a stand for life, liberty, and all things good




We are in a new move of God. Though the Church has lost much of her influence in American culture, there is a remnant rising with a strong voice for life, liberty, and true justice. Many Christians have been afraid to speak out about cultural issues, whether because of fear, not knowing what to say or do, or convinced their role is to simply wait for the rapture. Others have misunderstood the truth of what is really meant about separation of Church and state and so have ignored their responsibility of being a citizen of heaven and of earth. But God is calling His people to be bold, be informed, and be involved to bring His love, goodness, and righteousness back to society for the healing of a nation. This book gives powerful key insights into current issues and the spiritual warfare behind them, along with prayer and practical action steps you can take to make a difference for this generation and those to come!