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You have a purpose

You were created with unique capacities, rich potentials and a significant purpose. Do you know what those are? Do you know who you are? What is the dream inside you?

In a world of conflicting messages and painful experiences, it’s easy to get stuck, feel a lack of clarity or confidence, or be derailed from the path of prospering as God intends for you. That’s when you may need help getting unlocked and breaking past obstacles for a life that thrives.

King’s Lantern Ministries International serves to help people gain personal clarity, experience confidence, and excel in empowered living with wholeness and freedom to prosper in the life-assignment God has for them.

Life Empowerment Seminar

Soul wounds and spiritual bondage is real. Gain the tools to win in life with an empowered identity and spiritual authority for your destiny. Appointment with Destiny is an inner healing and deliverance seminar. Great for ministry training, too.

Freedom Ministry

Heart and soul wounds can fester for years and hinder peace and joy. Generational iniquities can work subtly against your well-being, creating negative life patterns. Wrong choices can lead to spiritual bondage. The Healing Room offers individual prayer and freedom ministry.

Life and Purpose Coaching

Our coaching program helps you discover your hidden potentials and unlock your God-given gifts, while gaining clarity and confidence in who you are and what God has for you. Learn to set goals with practical steps for effectively running your race and living your purpose.

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King’s Lantern Ministries is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation. Our organization uses donations to help provide ministry and training for helping people live empowered and equipped for their purpose as lights in this world.

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