Succeeding By Design

Identity & Purpose Online Coaching Program

Do you need help discovering your life purpose? Do you need help in setting goals for moving forward?
This course will help you to gain clarity, build confidence and empower your connections. Through this program, you will be equipped to truly understand your unique identity and God-given purpose. Our passion is to help train, equip and empower you with keys from the Kingdom, so you can unlock your hidden potential and empower your gifts to a new level of walking in your fullness.
Through this course you will learn:
  • Identity and Purpose assessment and activities
  • Clarity and confidence-building strategies
  • Setting goals and identifying obstacles
  • Identifying expectations and mindsets
  • Self-assessment and strategic planning


Course Curriculum

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This 10-week video course on Succeeding By Design was taken from a live SBD training event, and is designed to help you discover and live out your God-given identity and life purpose by exploring:

  • God’s image in you
  • Your God-given gifts, strengths, and interests
  • The treasures of your personal journey
  • Resources for growth
  • Breaking free of limiting mindsets
  • Setting goals… and more


You can either take this at your own pace or follow the 10-week class schedule outlined in the course PDF document.

What’s Included? 

10 sessions that provide:

– Over 8 hours of video content
– In-depth teaching and practical exercises
– Live student feedback and examples from prior ‘live’ sessions
– Comprehensive manual with assessments and other resources
– Additional coaching can be purchased, if needed

Cost: $99.00

Provides an overall course introduction, and starts with Discovery 1, with topics that include understanding your redemptive and personal gifts.

This lesson looks at your spiritual gifts – those given by the Holy Spirit and by Jesus. It also includes discovering your strengths through a strengths finder test.

This lesson involves taking assessment tests to assess your personality in four key areas and to measure your preferences for dealing with and relating to people.

This session continues with discovering your motivation and passion and in understanding more about you through tribes, colors and your gifts.

This session helps you to understand what your power words are, to achieve better clarity and confidence in your purpose and to create an Identity Board.

This lesson discusses the importance of understanding and knowing your vision and mission statement. You will create a Vision Board to help you better visualize your vision and mission.

This session focuses on helping you to define and set goals, to understand the various factors that can affect growth, and to set your key priorities with action steps.

This session discusses expectations (and unmet expectations), your motives and mindsets, breaking free of self-sabotage and in making new decisions.

This session helps you to understand what your journey impressions are, whether positive or negative, and the importance of connecting with others.

This session helps you to reflect on your relationships and alignments, understand your spiritual authority, and provide a course wrap-up.