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Succeeding By Design
Episode 31 – Succeeding in Divine Purpose and Timing

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Episode 31 – Succeeding in Divine Purpose and Timing

Did you know that your life is interconnected to Divine purpose and Earth’s history? Whether you realize it or not, your presence and life choices play an important role in what God is doing now on Earth. Being here for such a time as this is more than a cliché, it is a critical reality in seeing the Father’s will done in heaven being done on Earth. 


Episode 30 – Your Identity as God’s Governing Agent on Earth

Our heavenly Father desires greatly for us to understand what He is doing, who we are to Him and our part with Yeshua in governing the earth. Today I want to address understanding your identity in Christ, the Ruler of Nations.


Episode 29 – Succeeding Through Peace

This episode discusses accessing greater peace as crucial to fulfilling God’s intended purpose and will for one's life.

Succeeding By Design Podcast

About the show

Succeeding By Design is intended to bring a deeper understanding of your identity and purpose in life. This podcast will discuss topics around discovering your unique God-given purpose, potential and gifts.

Meet the Host

KLM Founder

J. Nicole Williamson

J. Nicole Williamson is an apostolic teacher, author, Life & Purpose Coach, and ordained minister with CFN-FMC. She is also the Founder and Director of The Healing Place, a ministry of inner healing and spiritual freedom. Nicole holds an M.A. in Christian Counseling and a B.A. in Theology and is a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Speaker and Trainer. Nicole’s focus is to help people experience wholeness, freedom, and the advancement in a life of Kingdom purpose. Her teachings and books aid believers with a biblical worldview for cultural impact and healing nations. People call her teachings “captivating” and “life-transforming.”

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