Succeeding By Design
Identity & Purpose Coaching Program

Do you need help discovering your life purpose?

Do you need help in setting goals for moving forward?

Do you know the gifts God has given you that need developing?

Every one of us needs help at times to achieve breakthrough in an area where we feel stuck, lack clarity, or want to achieve more in life. This is where life and purpose training can help you see fresh direction, set goals, overcome obstacles, and move forward.

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Gain Clarity

Experience clarity and joy as you discover your unique God-given identity through a series of personal assessments that work to empower vision for your significance and life purpose.


Build Confidence

Unlock potential as self-limiting beliefs, soul wounds, and self-sabotaging actions are identified, healed, and replaced by empowering truths and choices.

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Empower Connection

Gain momentum as you identify and set key goals, implement strategic action steps, and explore how your gifts and purpose connects with others.

Succeeding By Design is our personal development program that dives deep 

into discovering your unique identity and God-given purpose. 

Succeeding by Design - Identity & Purpose Coaching Program

Succeeding by Design is a comprehensive 10-week Identity & Purpose Coaching Program designed to help you unveil God’s purpose for your life, unlock hidden potential, and empower your gifts for a new level of walking in the fullness of your God-given destiny. This program is available as an online course, private one-on-one training or as group coaching. It includes:

  • Comprehensive manual
  • Identity & Purpose assessments and activities
  • Clarity and Confidence-building strategies
  • Setting goals and identifying obstacles with solutions
  • Identifying expectations and mindsets
  • Self-assessment and strategic planning
  • and more

For more information or a free 20 minute assessment, contact me at

  • Online Coaching course includes training videos from a live group coaching class conducted over a 10-week period.  View more information
  • Private Coaching is available for purchase at any time, and includes 10 sixty-minute weekly sessions.
  • Group Coaching is offered at a discounted price and includes the same material, along with additional private coaching packages available for purchase if desired. Weekly one hour sessions will include teaching time and Q&A discussion. Next Group Coaching Program class (via Zoom) – TBA

The world is waiting for your God-given brilliance to be unlocked. You carry a solution that someone else is needing. Take the journey today to discover your radiance. It’s your time to rise and shine!

John Maxwell Leadership Member