The Empowered Woman: Restoring Women to their True Identity! (Kindle Edition)




This book reveals how God wove His likeness into male and female at creation. Both share common traits such as leadership as fiery ones, yet each has individual qualities too as God’s image. Hebrew roots reveal hidden treasures about how women are designed as community-minded, communicators, celebrated leaders, face-to-face counterparts to men, and a house of life, and more! See how God designed her with intuition, as gateways to increase, and as a warrior bride! Learn how the Fall redefined a woman’s identity through a cursed paradigm, but how Jesus, the Last Adam, restores her to authentic design! Know the truth on sensitive topics such as: silencing, submission, headship, and authority….you will be wonderfully surprised in what you learn! This book will challenge your heart to rise up as a woman made in God’s image for a divine purpose that He has called you to engage. Be strengthened with fresh vision as as you realize the true identity of a woman empowered of the Spirit for Kingdom advancement!