Life with Abba Father




Formerly titled Being Fathered for a Divine Purpose, this book has been updated with some revision and fresh insights into who our Heavenly Father is and His important role of fathering us as His children for a divine purpose.  Many people walk through life feeling that God is distant. But He is not. He created us to flourish in confidence, connection, and purpose from the wellspring of His fathering love and care.

Painful family experiences often create false concepts in our thinking about God and ourselves. Life with Abba Father is written from the heart with powerful insights, personal experiences, and biblical truths for knowing Abba Father’s true parenting involvement with us for a divine purpose. Break free of “fatherless” mindsets as you engage a “Fathered” perspective that empowers a true sense of personal, God-given value.  Practical steps are given for healing “heart-wounds” incurred in family relationships.

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