Mantled with a Kingdom Purpose

Understand your true identity in Christ for life on Earth.  You are here for a purpose – and it is probably more than you realize! God created you in his image to walk with Him as a king and priest on earth – wearing the mantle of divine authority and anointing for Kingdom Purposes. Mantled with a Kingdom Purpose will help you understand:

  • The significance of your identity being linked to heaven and earth
  • Your mantle as an agent of peace and deliverance in this world
  • How your worship, work, and warfare advances God’s designs on earth
  • How to steward culture with Kingdom purposes
  • The Father’s heart and design for society
  • Your unique gifts given by God for your Kingdom assignments… and more!


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Mantled with a Kingdom Purpose


You are here for a purpose – and it is probably more than you realize! Mantled with a Kingdom Purpose will help you understand the significance of your life, gifts and work that Jesus has for you to do with Him on earth. Jesus wants YOU to know the fullness of your IDENTITY and PURPOSE in Him for the mission you carry with Him to bring the Father’s healing love and truth to every individual AND to every social issue. God wants to heal our homes, communities, and nation.

This book will inspire, challenge, and empower your faith to live out God’s will for your life. It will help you to understand the mantle of authority and anointing you carry as God’s image on earth as an ambassador of peace and agent of deliverance! The Father wants you to know His life-empowering designs for every area of culture, and your important role in ministering His heart and designs to those areas – including family, business, government, education, arts and entertainment, and media. You are here to make a difference through your gifts and the anointing given you in Christ. Jesus, King of heaven and earth, is moving and He is calling His Body, His Ekklesia to rise with Him to cover the earth with God’s glory.