Living With Hope, Not Fear

I recently heard someone say that we should live with hope and not fear. I immediately thought of a situation I knew was causing me anxiety. Their words reminded me of something I often share with others but needed reminding of myself – that our

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Being a Nation Within a Nation

I grew up in a time when the U.S. was widely considered as a Christian nation. The majority shared similar values in raising families and building a free and self-sustaining life based on Christian principles. The Bible and prayer were a common part of public

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You are Accepted by God

The longing to be accepted and loved is innate in every human being. And no wonder, we were fashioned by the Holy Trinity who exist in perfect love and acceptance. The sense of being loved and accepted creates a joy and energy within the human

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120 I "am" statements of a Christian

New Book: The Believer’s Identity

  Jesus was the master of identity clarity. With a heart anchored in His Father’s love and a mind grounded in Abba’s affirmation, the living reality of that relationship with His Father defined both His identity and everything He did. It energized how He showed up

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War for America's Destiny

Let God’s People Arise

Nations rise and nations fall, Who will stand and heed the call, To fast and pray and actions take, For a nation’s future is at stake!   Queen Esther of old faced a similar plight, She entered the fray; she engaged the fight! She called

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