choose-hope-anything-possible-christoper-reeve-quotes-sayings-picturesI recently heard someone say that we should live with hope and not fear. I immediately thought of a situation I knew was causing me anxiety. Their words reminded me of something I often share with others but needed reminding of myself – that our thoughts are an agreement with a certain perspective. Now, for my own well-being, I knew I needed to change my perspective. I needed to think hope instead of thinking fear.

Hope is like a portal that inspires the heart and opens the mind to new and positive possibilities. Fear is like a closed door that isolates us in a room of negative imaginations and dreadful bridges that we may never cross…and rarely do.

This is a season to remember that with God all things are possible and that He sent His Son not only that we might have eternal life, but a life with hope instead of fear, here and now.

Today, I encourage you to live with hope and not fear. Look up and let your heart and thoughts join with God’s possibilities for what concerns you.