hands-making-equipment_1150-99Both life and research tell us that we prosper best in life through healthy connections and relationships. There is power in connection that not only strengthens us personally, but also the one whose hand we are touching.

As seasons in our lives change, so do our relationships. Some become more distant (for various reasons), while others become more strengthened. And, too,  new ones enter the scene. Lately,  I have felt challenged to make a fresh commitment to the relationships God has given me, to strengthen with intentional action what needs strengthening. This includes, friends and family, church, work, and even my community.

It’s easy to be busy and focused on certain tasks, which can cause us to lose a meaningful touch on the hand that Father intends us to hold; a touch that is meant to be a purpose-filled, two-way power surge.  Strong relationships are key to the victories and prosperity God has for us all — both personally and for those to whom we are connected.

Today I am choosing to strengthen my commitment in my relationship with God and others, to give intentional action to strong connection. If you are inspired to do the same, here are a few suggestions:

  1. Make a list of relationships that you know God has put in your life at this time. If there is a distancing between you, ask Holy Spirit to show you what that is and to give you wise direction. Sometimes, we just get busy and we need to reconnect. Sometimes there is a misunderstanding, or a forgiveness issue to be addressed.
  2. Pray for them; seek God’s heart and purpose for them and for yourself in relationship to them at this time. Ask Holy Spirit if and how He may want you to increase your level of commitment to that person or group and what that looks like.
  3. Text, email, or call that person — let them know you are thinking of them. Set up a time to get together if possible.
  4. Most of all, see if there is any place where you feel disconnected from God and ask Him to show you what is the root of it is; ask God to help you renew your faith, trust, and intimacy with Him.

Father is committed in His relationship with us. Likewise, He calls us to be committed in our connection with Him and those around us. There is power in connection and we are called to a life of power that surges with His love and goodness both in us and through us.

Who do you need to connect with today?

Strengthen the weak hands and make strong the feeble knees…strengthen that which remains.