Live Bold – Walk on Water

J Nicole Williamson
J Nicole Williamson


man walking on waterSo I’ve never walked on water, per se´ but I have experienced the sustaining power of God’s words when I thought I would sink.

There is something powerful about His voice, especially in times of uncertainty, a change in life direction, or simply taking new action for moving forward in a new way. I’ve found His words to be like solid ground when fear would freeze my steps or sink my hopes.

I feel a fresh encouragement from the Father that His children are to move forward in this season in a new way, especially regarding dreams and desires He has given them. It will no doubt look different for each one because we are all so wonderfully unique. For me it has meant stepping out in new ways with what He has called me to do and connect with others in new ways. Be bold. Get out of familiar comfort zones.

What is amazing is that as I am moving on what He is saying, I am experiencing a fresh courage to do things that I have held back in doing for years. He spoke, and I can no longer be as I was before in certain areas. While life is an ever changing growth process with some actions simply being easier or more appropriate in one season than another, there are times when we are held back from forward movement, whether by a circumstance or ourselves.  In this season, however, it’s time to be bold and walk on the water of His words to us.

I pray that as you hear Father speaking to you, that you too will experience new courage to move boldly and confidently, letting His voice sustain you with His direction and guidance. May the water of His words be the substance on which you walk.




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