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J Nicole Williamson


I had an inspiring dream the other night. I dreamed that my husband and I were in a house – I sensed it was one that we had been living in for many years.  I walked through the home to a set of backstairs that led to an attic. I went up the stairs and when I reached the top I discovered a huge, entire floor of unfinished rooms!

The rooms had all been wired electrically and some even had plumbing but none had fixtures or even sheetrock. I was thrilled as I looked around thinking of all we could do with this extra space. Why had I not known this was all here before? I thought about paint color for each room, flooring, furniture and how we might want to decorate each one. Then I woke up.

My first thought was Wow! That was awesome! As I lay there for a moment thinking about what the dream meant, I felt the Lord say, “My people have many rooms of undeveloped potential inside of them. It’s time for them to dream, discover, and develop the hidden potential I’ve put inside them. It’s time to bring those purposes to life! I’ve already given them the basics, the rooms just need to be finished.

I believe this word is true for probably most of us. We are living in the greatest generation ever in the realms of both divine inspiration and advancing technology now available to bring the unseen abilities within us to fuller realization. And what’s more, Father wants our God-given potential to prosper!

5 keys to discovering and developing your potential:

  1. Dare to dream again. Some have dreamed and been deeply disappointed by setbacks, delays, failures or even betrayals. Hope deferred can shut down your ability to even want to imagine new beginnings or forward momentum. But God! Put on some quiet music and give yourself permission to sit and dream of what new things you’d like to accomplish. Or perhaps you are to remember a desire that was never fully realized in another season. This might just be the right season for it!
  2. Go up to Father in prayer. My dream began with me going upstairs where the “more” potential was discovered. Ask God to show you the gifts and abilities He has given you that when developed will be a delight to you and a blessing to others…perhaps even a great financial prosperity. He is the Creator, so who would know better than He what is in your “attic”?
  3. Make a plan with what you “see” in your mind’s eye. What are the resources or information you need in order to put your plan into action (color on the walls, furniture in the room) and to make your discovered potential flourish? Make a list.
  4. Join with others who are doing like-minded, potential-developing activities. Being part of a community will help keep you on track, accountable with your goals, and encouraged to move forward.
  5. Believe God for the more that He has for you! We are currently in the Hebrew month of Nissan, one noted for the miracle of ancient Israel moving out of Egyptian bondage and into new freedom (Passover). Just as with Israel, Father has a purpose for you with miracle working ability to help move you forward in developing all of who He created you to be. He leaves nothing unfinished!


I pray that God shows you every hidden potential within you just waiting to be developed for divine purposes on earth. You were meant for greatness…after all, you have a Great Father and His life runs through your veins.


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