Receiving His Gift of Peace

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J Nicole Williamson


For many people, the holidays can be a difficult time. Loneliness, challenges with health or finances, or trouble in relationships are a few of the things that can cloud a joyful season with a blanket of sadness. We’ve all experienced those times to one degree or another.

As I sat in my living room the other evening, enjoying the colors and sparkle of Christmas décor, the Christmas angel adorning my mantle caught my eye. Seeing her reminded me of the words the angel spoke when Jesus was born, “Glory to God in the highest, peace on earth and goodwill to men.”

In the midst of the many struggles we are facing today, whether on a personal, family, or cultural level, it’s comforting to remember why He came. Jesus came so that we can have peace and to give us a heart – His heart – of good will towards each other. With so much ill will spoken in politics and media, if there was ever a time we needed peace and good will it is now.

At this Christmas time my prayer for you and for this nation, is that we will experience His peace and rediscover the richness and beauty of good will towards mankind. May we each receive what He came to give us.

May the Lord bless you and keep and cause His face to shine on you and be gracious to you. May He look you full in the face and prosper you with peace. Numbers 6:24-26

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