Looking for the Activity of Heaven

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J Nicole Williamson


It is said that whatever we look for, we will find. For the past few months the world has been plunged into a single narrative day in and day out – COVID-19. Death, loss, social distancing, financial distress, increased abuses, and those trying to harness the pandemic’s energy for evil agendas are just a few of the daily bombardments we have faced. It has been a war of fear heightened by the endless stories and images on TV, radio, and print. In fact, some have called it a “global amygdala hijacking.”

As we begin to emerge from the maze of this dark moment we must shift our focus from the darkness and focus on what heaven is doing. We have looked at fear and found it. It is said that what we see is what we say. We have focused on fear and declared what we’ve seen with our natural eyes; we’ve rehearsed the tyranny of darkness. It’s time for a new narrative.

The Body of Christ must in this moment look and see heaven’s activities; we must talk about what God is doing and saying. Like a Mighty Man of War, He has stood up regarding things of the earth. His army of angels are in a heightened state of activity and movement. We are to move with Him and the heavenly host regarding divine purpose in this hour. If we look, we will see it. As we see it, we will know what to say, what to TALK about, and what to decree … for heaven’s decrees shifts earth’s atmospheres and activities. In fact, our intercessions and decrees of what Jesus says releases the angels to war for earth’s well-being.

While crisis tends to make us look to God for momentary help, this time is different. We will not return to a life as we have known it before – I am speaking specifically to the Body of Christ. Regardless of how the pandemic began, or what evil has tried to harness its energy, nothing can stop God’s plans and He has defined this moment as being HIS. He is using a global shaking, a historical Passover, and coming historical Pentecost to shift history into a new era. And the saints have a major part to play in it. The divine outpouring, the Third Great Awakening, upon which precipice we now stand, will not be like any other. It is a movement of the Spirit and Word with power that will accelerate Yeshua’s work regarding the harvest and restoration of earth. It will be a fuller measure and greater glory and works that what even the early church experienced.

In this new era, the sound of God will be released on earth in a new way. Like a child, all creation longs for the voice of its Father – the One who brought it into existence. It longs for the sound of the One who walked with His first son and daughter, earth’s rulers, in the counsel room of Eden. Creation longs for liberation from the bondage placed on it by our fall;  a liberation established by the work of the Word on the cross that restored our identity as earth’s rulers, yet requires our participation with that work. The harvest is waiting again for the sound of the rushing mighty wind of the Spirit through God’s people heralding truth that sets the captives free. The earth is waiting for the liberating sound of God released through Jesus’ Body with words and decrees that flow from what they see regarding heaven’s activities.  

While we are not ignorant of the devil’s schemes, we must no longer fix our eyes on what hell is doing on earth, but on what heaven is doing. Evil may be present, but evil was never given authority to rule; we must stop allowing its rule in our minds, emotions, and nation. We have been given authority in Christ against which the gates of hell will not prevail – as declared by Jesus. We must look and see what heaven is doing and join with God to bring it into the earth realm.

The activity of heaven right now is in a state of GREAT MOVEMENT. We must ask the Lord to open our eyes to see it, understand it, and give our lives to move with what He is doing regarding His story with earth. We must change our conversation and bring heaven’s narrative into our spheres of influence. His narrative is life, healing, restoration, redemption, and goodness. His conversation is mercy, truth and peace on the highway of holiness.

Our Father is clothed with light … it’s time for His sons and daughters to burst onto the scene of history as earth’s luminaries carrying the sound of heaven – the sound of faith, hope, and love as we see God and say what He is doing.

It’s time to rise and shine.

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