A Breath of God Movement!

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J Nicole Williamson


A lot of people are wondering what on earth is happening in our nation. It’s easy to see what darkness is doing but the question is: what is God doing? Often times, the very movement of the enemy gives us clues to God’s movement. The enemy always opposes and attacks whatever God is advancing, and this year it is the voice.

We entered 2020 as the beginning of a new decade on the Hebrew calendar – one that emphasizes everything that has to do with the mouth, our voice, and our breath. So what has transpired over this past year? An absolute assault on everything that has to do with breath and voice – from a man-made virus that attacks the respiratory track to facial mask mandates, to the “I can’t breathe” movement, to big tech censorship, to the battle over the voice of the American voter. We have been in a spiritual war over freedom of breath and speech!

Though the enemy is raging, the voice and breath of God is in high motion right now. As His children we are to move in like manner. When He breathes, things move. When He speaks, things happen! Radiant life is produced, impossible obstacles are miraculously removed, and enemies are overthrown. He comes like a whirlwind – one that brings transition. Great transitional moments in Earth history happen when God speaks and breaths! Here are a few:

  1. In Gen. 2:7, God breathed and mankind came to life!
  • In Ex. 14, God sent a wind that created a miraculous path of deliverance for His people from a tyrannical government in hot pursuit to re-enslave them. That wind also served to create a tomb for the enemy forces.
  • In Ezekiel 37, an exceedingly great army was created when the wind of God blew life into dead bones through the prophetic decree of Ezekiel.
  • In Acts 2, the Holy Spirit came as a mighty rushing wind, transforming those in the Upper Room into mighty spiritual warriors advancing Christ’s Kingdom.


The world is currently in an upheaval and chaotic. People are confused. But God is dealing with wickedness and calling us to understand our position in Him and with Him as He exposes works of darkness and brings justice and mercy. He is pouring out a fresh wind of His Spirit that He wants us to breathe in as it is filled with divine revelation and power. We are to join our breath with His in intercession, heavenly decrees, and truth that destroys lies and advances His loving purposes over humanity. Father wants us to use our breath and voice in sync with His justice in this moment.

We are in a season when our voice is key to our future and that of our nation. The enemy is seeking those who will breathe in his narrative of fear and doubt and use their words in accordance with his agenda … or be in silent compliance to his oppression. But God is raising up an army with a holy backbone and the roar of a lion.

Yahweh is a Man of War and He is moving with His mighty hosts on behalf of His purposes with this nation and the nations. He will not be silenced and neither will we. America needs our prayers and our righteous voice for such a time as this.

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