Putting a Demand on Your Faith

J Nicole Williamson
J Nicole Williamson


As the Body of Christ is moving into a new era of Kingdom advancement, I have felt a fresh challenge in my spirit to also recall things God has spoken to me, or taught me, in past seasons. This is isn’t about staying in an old season, but about putting a fresh demand on faith and foundations He has been laying through the years – foundations that must now support a fresh revelation in building with God in current purposes.

Words given from God that have sat on a shelf are being dusted off. Any divine truths that may have become weakened with time are being called into fresh strength for action. Every deposit of God is being stirred in a “come up higher” moment. We are in a Kairos time of fulfillment and greater works.

As I reflect on the divine deposits, moves of God, and teaching of the Holy Spirit in my life, I am putting a fresh demand of faith on each of them. I want to move fully forward, without reserve, as a woman of faith. If there was ever a time when the people of God need to rise with faith, strength and courage in battle, it is now. It is not a time to be passive, fearful, or doubting, but to turn from whatever hinders us, meet with God face to face, and run with power the divine path of governing in life and labor that transforms regions.

Prince Yeshua is moving over the earth – He is standing as a Man of War, roaring over His inheritance. As we move with Him, I encourage you to also remember everything He has ever spoken to you, promised you, or taught you and put a fresh demand of faith action on it. Then watch an accelerated maturing take place as He brings you into new things and advances you into a new place of possessing what God has for you now. It will be rich with purposes that go beyond you to bring needed reformation to the world around you.


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