Finding Wisdom Through Praise

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J Nicole Williamson


Do you ever feel like you need more wisdom? I do. We all have times in our lives when, in order to move forward, we need more than what we have, to get to where we want to be. We work hard and do our best, praying things will change, but we can’t seem to get past the proverbial wall. We don’t know how to move past it, through it, or around it. We look for wisdom to help move us forward only to find that path has failed us, perhaps more than once. Then God, who hears our cries, enters our awareness and calls us to come up higher; “I have wisdom for you!”

Though God has given us the amazing human ability to work through problems and discover fresh solutions, there comes a point where our own ingenuity is not sufficient. The Bible says Jesus grew in wisdom and stature (internal maturity). These brought favor with God and man. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of wisdom. The Hebrew word for wisdom (chokmah) means: skill in war, skill in administration and craftsmanship, proficiency in perception, judgment, prudence and moral choice. God’s wisdom provides needed insight that joins with knowledge and discernment for unveiling the best course of action. God’s wisdom carries His heart, ways, and timing.

When we lean on our own understanding and earthly wisdom, we will fall short of God’s intentions, and even our own desires. Scripture says earthly wisdom is an intelligence that appeals to the natural senses and passions and is defined as demon-like in nature – resembling or proceeding from an evil spirit (James 3:15). There is a better wisdom available to us than what proceeds from the devil, no matter how good it seems! But if we ask, God says He will give us His wisdom.

I admit that I have a certain area of my life where I have cried out time and again for God’s help. I get glimpses of His wisdom but find myself continually going around the same mountain of natural understanding, all the while complaining about it. Recently, I had had enough of my own unbelief, doubt, and complaining. I also found that I was no longer even circling the mountain but I seemed to be at a dead stop! Father showed me that I had a choice: continue to complain, or trust Him and praise my way into receiving His wisdom. He then showed me that just as Psalm 149 teaches us how releasing great praise binds the enemy’s feet and hands of operation in our lives, so too, the action of my mouth in complaining and murmuring binds and chains my own feet! Wisdom, however, teaches us to praise, trust, and obey…and He will bring what is needed to pass according to His will and way.

Reverencing God through praise (magnifying His goodness, faithfulness, and ability above the circumstance) is the beginning of wisdom. Today, I chose to reverence my Father and praise my way into the realm of receiving His wisdom for all I need. God has a Kingdom perspective that is so much bigger than my earthly one. Sometimes we know things in our head but the journey from head to heart is often LONG! God is moving around the globe today and there is simply no time for dilly-dallying on the road of complaining, unbelief, or earthly wisdom. We must simply come up higher through praise to find the wisdom we need.

Words have frequency, and as I release praise, I can feel its frequency reordering my thoughts and emotions in harmony with Jesus’ mind. God deserves to be praised and trusted, and the enemy deserves to be bound. As my Father’s daughter, I am given the ability to effect both. As I do, I am already entering the realm of divine wisdom.

Whatever you need today, begin to praise as you wait on Him for the wisdom from above. Praise will bring you to the throne where blueprints and solutions are released for whatever you need.

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