Love on the Offense

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Looking at the numerous challenges in our nation today, I think we would all agree that our culture is in dire need of love.  In defining love, most of us think of Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians 13 that love is patient, benevolent, not jealous, not self-elevating or arrogant, doesn’t behave disorderly, is not self-seeking, is not easily angered, and doesn’t keep a record of offenses. Love doesn’t delight in what is wrong but delights in truth; stands strong in adversity, is full of faith, trusts God and never gives up.

I love those clear definitions, and they certainly give us many ways to pray regarding personal and social transformation!

However, our framework for understanding these concepts too often views them as purely being gentle, easy-going, non-offensive, and doesn’t step on toes. While love is tender, it is also fiercely just and takes a strong stand against those who bring harm. It doesn’t sit on the fence and idly watch injustice at play. Love takes action. The cross was the greatest example of love on the offense to free us from death and captivity in sin.

Many are speaking about the Third Great Awakening in America now beginning and of an incredible outpouring of God’s love coming with it. You might say we are being awakened to love. There is nothing more that our nation needs right now than love – love that not only heals hearts but stops the strongholds of darkness tearing apart the fabric of our culture from family relationships to evil educational agendas to political divisiveness. We need Jesus’ love given us by the Holy Spirit that is both benevolent and takes an offensive stand against evil.

Right now, our nation is in a time of voting for those who will govern us over the next few years. Records show that a mere 25% of Christians vote in national elections, and less than that in local and state elections. Yet as Christians we have a charge to care for the nations. This includes prayer and participating in the election of those who will govern for the good of life and true liberty, and who will stand against evil. What does this have to do with love in action?


Voting is more than a duty or responsibility – it is a critical means to put love in action. If we as Christians are the voice of Christ’s love on earth, then we must love enough to take action. Voting is our voice. We must pray, get off the fence, and vote for those who will govern righty…beginning with voting for those who stand against agendas that would harm life.

If we want to see the destructive gale of narcissism quelled, and the hateful rhetoric and shootings stopped, we must halt the harm against life from the time that life is conceived. We must love others as we love ourselves, beginning with those not yet born. We must love the children of this nation enough to take action to protect their minds from perverted educational agendas that would enslave their thinking with darkness and groom them for the exploitation of wicked people. We must stand boldly against the tidal wave of child and human trafficking.

It’s time to pray, love, and vote for those who protect life from womb to tomb. Your action makes a difference for many lives.

See you at the polls!

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