Time and Your God-given Assignments

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traditional_alarm_clock1-236x300I am ever aware of time and its fleeting movement. Ticktock. Perhaps it especially echoes loud in my soul as I was so graciously given a second chance at more time at life on earth when I was young … it was a moment when circumstances would have decreed a departure from this life, one that would have been out of time. Papa, however, had other plans. He had a plan for me, just as He has for you — one that is connected to an appointed time.

Time itself has an assignment. Time moves in both the regular rhythm of everyday life, as well as with special windows of opportunity. Our purpose and destiny are linked to both. It’s easy to recognize the routine of time, but Father also wants us to pay keen attention to the windows, the seasons, or opportune moments when He is moving in a special way. He calls us to move with Him. Currently we are in a spiritual season of opportunity. We call it a move of God.

When God set the sun, moon and stars in place, He assigned them to watch over days, nights, and seasons. Their assignment is linked to both natural and divine purposes in the Earth.  Purposes have a time schedule. As God works everything together for good, He calls us to partner with Him in stewarding well not just the day-to-day time given us, but the seasons of opportunity in which He is moving in a special way,

Right now, God is moving globally in a fresh way  —  one similar to the Reformation or the Great Awakenings. It is not a centralized outbreak but a global movement as nations and cultures shift and much of the church awakens to her purpose to reconcile earth with the Kingdom of heaven. We have a work to do and time is of essence in our assignment. We are preparing for Christ’s return — not as children looking to escape life’s difficulties, but as sons and daughters preparing the way for the King through diligence in our assignments. We must occupy our thoughts and gifts with the Father’s business until the Son returns.

3 ways to steward this time of divine opportunity:

  1. Get focused — curb distractions. Press in for fresh understanding and wisdom of what God is doing now as you pursue intimate fellowship with Him. Ask Him what is your part? You DO have a part in what Father is doing. Papa is calling every one of us to take our position with Him and with a fresh anointing for this hour.
  2. Hang around with those who are listening to what God is saying and doing. We need one another — we don’t develop alone but in community. We need the right community. Ask Father to align you with believers who are pursuing the presence of God — those who long for both personal encounter and cultural transformation through His love, truth, and radiance. Let iron sharpen iron as you receive encouragement and give your “supply of the Spirit” in those God-given relationships.
  3. Be intentional with what God is saying to you. Write down what He speaks to you. Search it out in the Word. Sing it. Pray it. Meditate on it. Make declarations and decrees with it until you start living and breathing what He is saying to you, letting that Word be life and bread that brings about change in how you see and engage with God, others, yourself, and your assignment. Remember too, words have an assignment that are also linked with time.


Godspeed as you partner with Jesus for Father’s timely work in your life and on earth as it is in heaven.

I am Abba’s daughter

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