Distraction = Without Traction!

J Nicole Williamson
J Nicole Williamson


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We live in an era where life is filled with myriad distractions. These disruptions can make us lose focus, waste time, and experience a loss of mental and even emotional energy. We get off track or lose the traction we need for moving forward in what we need to accomplish.

Last week I kept hearing the word “distractions” in my spirit man – I knew God was speaking to me. Then I got one of those “life lessons” that made His message crystal clear. I was at the gas station sitting in my car, door open, gas nozzle in place with fuel pumping into my gas tank. All was well. Just then a young man approached my car to tell me about a car product promotion going on at the grocery store next door – he was a representative of the product’s company.

I listened politely. We chatted. He was nice and had a seemingly worthy product. I then heard the nozzle click and got up to attend it while still looking at him and talking with him. Unfortunately, the click I heard was not my nozzle, but the one on the other side of the pump. As I pulled my nozzle out (not paying attention to what I was doing) gas came pouring out everywhere, including all over my pants and shoes.

My “Aha!” thought as I drove away was distractions waste fuel! Fortunately, I was on my way home, otherwise I would have had to go home and change clothes before proceeding elsewhere. Fuel is energy and distractions waste energy in many ways – mental energy, emotional energy, spiritual energy, physical energy, time energy. Distractions can cause loss and chaos!

Life’s distractions can come in many forms and in random moments. Even wrong relationships can distract you and cause you to lose traction in key areas of your life.

As you journey on your path of purpose, here are a few tips:

  1. Believe. Unbelief makes you lose traction on the road of hopeful expectation. It derails you from an energized focus empowered by faith for hitting the target of divine destiny in your life. Believing in God and believing in yourself – who He has created you to be as His image on earth – gives you traction for forward momentum. Identify thoughts of unbelief towards God and about yourself. Take all doubting to the cross where it belongs and leave it there! Then chose to rise with faith in what He has said and is saying to you. Unbelief will shut you up, shut you down, and shut you out of succeeding in what God has for you. Papa has a better plan for you than that…it’s why He gives you His Spirit of Faith to believe and overcome all obstacles on your journey with Him.
  2. Don’t chase the squirrels! If you’re a creative like me, it’s easy to have lots of thoughts dashing around – and many are great ideas for new projects and outreaches. But not all ideas are meant for you to engage, or perhaps to engage now (it may be for a later time). Squirrel chasing can get you off track. Ask Father for wisdom if the action idea you have is a “good idea” or a what I call a “God idea.” He will let you know if you ask. Follow the leading of His Spirit and not the squirrels! Keep focused and on track.
  3. Get a prayer or accountability partner. We do best when we are able to process things not only with God, but also with wise people, close friends, or a loving spouse. Wise, intimate acquaintances care about our successes. It’s tempting to want to figure things out on our own, perhaps feeling like we don’t want to impose on others, but these can lead to a lot of needless wasted energy. Father designed us to grow through relationship. We all have blind spots that can derail us and many failures can be avoided by asking for honest feedback and guidance. If you don’t have a wise person or trust prayer partner in your life, ask Holy Spirit to bring that person into your life. They are invaluable! I have a circle of wonderful trusted and wise people in my life including my spouse, mentors, and godly friends and family who are a great source of encouragement to keep me on track with my calling and purpose!


This month, may the Lord give you fresh traction with clear focus for succeeding in all that concerns you.

Abba’s daughter


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