Jennifer LeClaire, founder of Ignite Network, writes about the “Ecclesiastes 3:7 season” we are in: “a time to speak…a time to tear away from toxic relationships, jobs and ministries and begin to sew up the hurts and wounds the enemy inflicted upon us in the last season… It’s a time to break the silence and speak out about the principles and principalities that are working to cause untimely death, breakdowns, weeping, mourning, loss and war.”

We are in a season where Father is calling us into a new place of empowered living, empowered thinking, and having an empowered voice for our personal well-being, as well as for our God-given purpose. It is a season where we must believe what God says about us. The enemy of our soul, from the beginning, works to hold our thoughts captive to his demeaning words about God and ourselves. It’s time to believe what God says about Himself and us.

Worship artist Lauren Daigle puts this so well in her current song, You Say. Listen and be encouraged as you let go of the lies that have hindered your journey and embrace the truth of God’s empowering perspective of you.

Nicole – Abba’s Daughter