Gaining New Ground

Gaining New Ground Kings Lantern Ministries
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J Nicole Williamson


Gaining New Ground Kings Lantern Ministries

I woke up yesterday hearing God say, “Take territory!” I knew it was a charge to take new ground with a fresh level of committed faith and action for every area of life and calling.

We are born to battle, whether we like it or not. There is a conflict in this world — a war between two kingdoms, one of Light and Goodness and the other of darkness and evil. It is a war for territory — the territory where we live.

Territory can refer to physical land as well as to spheres of attitude, mindset, and beliefs. It can include areas of health, finances, and relationships, as well as regions of work and business. Territory can pertain to home and family, community, and national issues. We all have a part in these territories. The problem is, there is a war for life regarding each of these.

When God brought ancient Israel out of bondage and to the promised land He said, “I give you this territory. Take it!” That “taking” meant they had to war. It wasn’t given them on a silver platter. However, they didn’t war alone. They warred together, with the counsel, power, and presence of God, and with warring angels.

It is the same for you and me today. We are in an hour of great spiritual warfare over our lives, families, and nation. We are being called to take territory…whether it is a new realm of faith, a new place of family love and unity, a greater intercession and evangelism in the workplace, or a public voice for national wholeness. Your engagement matters. So does mine. It is an engagement, however, that is not done alone, but together with God.

Today, ask God what is the “more territory” He has for you to take. What action is needed for “possessing” your appointed realm or region? What relationship or connection with community needs to come into play? Your part and position matter in this world.

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